Hump Day Highlights Link Up #5

Happy Hump Day!
I am so excited to announce that I have teamed up with an amazing group of bloggers to bring you another installment of "Hump Day Highlights".

Each Wednesday we will list some things from the past week that we are loving, can't live without, are on our wish-lists, or are things we are just plain obsessed with - and we will even add links (when applicable) so you can check out or scoop up anything you love, too.

Your weekly hosts are MistyApril, ShannonAmandaDanicaand Kaitlyn. We would love for you to add your post to our link up of the things you are loving this week, too. And please spread the love by following the other blogs in the link up/commenting on their posts. This is such a great way to meet like-minded ladies and make new friends, all while showing off your blog, too.

The Hump Day Highlights weekly link up is going to be a blast, I hope you link up and follow along!
So here we go, my favorites/highlights/wish-lists/obsessions for this week!

April 5th was Easter AND my birthday... Another year further into my twenties and it was a good day! Woke up and my hubby gave me my card (he makes me tear up *in a good way* every year with the sweetest things he writes to me, best hubby ever) and gifts, then he and I waited for Bella to wake up and gave her her Easter basket! So cute to see her reaction to all her new stuff, she was such a happy camper. From there we got ready and went to church and not only was it was awesome (well, it's always awesome), but Bella was so good!  After church we took Easter photos at the park and went home for Bella's naptime. Afterwards my hubby took us out to dinner (he didn't want me to have to cook on my birthday, ain't he a darling!? Also I *unintentionally* forgot to take the ham out of the freezer the night before). The rest of the evening was pretty much spent laying around and relaxing and was such a nice ending to a great birthday! Thank you everyone who wished me Happy Birthday!
 This would happen to be one of our MOST USED products! It's the cutest little drying rack ever invented and we use it constantly (no joke, 24/7), it's great for bottles, sippy cups, straws, snack cups, even regular small dishes! This is definitely one of the best "baby/toddler" related purchases we've ever made!

Now this is an interesting one huh?! But seriously, if you're in the packing business (or just moving this coming weekend like we are), then duck tape is pretty much your best friend. Lol.

Now maybe I'm just a leeeetle late jumping on the Tangled bandwagon over here but (in my defense) this past week is the first time we've ever seen it! Seriously, a movie that can get my 16 month old to sit completely still for half an hour is a win! She's enthralled by Rapunzel, but let's be honest, so am I, even if I am a twenty something grown woman. Lol.

So let me just come right out and say it... I am completely obsessed with this sweet lady's instagram, her name is Lindsey and she is mama to the most adorable little girl and boy, a photographer, owner and operator of Live Sweet Shop (she makes the cutest stuffed animals)... Oh, and did I mention pearl? Pearl the pig? I used to think pigs were gross and dirty but I am wholeheartedly now on the pig lovers board of trustees! I die from the cuteness every time I see a new picture or video of pearl and I kind of want (well, more like really want) a little piglet now. Lol.

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