Childbirth Recovery and Post Partum Care: After a Natural Delivery

I was scared to death to deliver Bella, mostly because everyone had told me nothing but horror stories... in the end though I have to admit, it really wasn't that bad! I felt pretty much back to normal around 2 weeks after delivery. But then again I had a little help with the use of some wonderful products. Even though this might get a little personal, I decided to share, because I'd rather share from my experience and leave you ladies informed instead of like me and not knowing what in the world it will be like or what to do afterwards.

From my experience...
After you give birth you're so overcome with joy and emotion from the birth of your child that you really don't feel a whole lot for a couple hours honestly, afterwards you slowly start to get sore. One thing (well two things actually) that they used at the hospital that were ah-may-zing (I cannot stress the amazing part enough haha) were the ugly mesh panties, seriously ladies, they are beyond Victoria's Secret comfy, if I had to do over I'd be like "gimme aaaaaalll the mesh panties"... lol. And the other thing... an opened up pampers diaper that had been soaked in water and frozen. Talk about heavenly. Just try it.

A few other items that I found useful and especially beneficial in my recovery were the peri-bottle they gave me at the hospital, tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil! These provide some comfort but they are most useful in healing and keeping infections away.
For 3 weeks after childbirth every trip I made to the bathroom I would fill the peri-bottle with warm water (not cold, not too hot, because you'll be pretty sensitive during that time) and add around 3 drops tea tree oil and 5 drops lavender, and shake it up before using. Its so soothing, the lavender and tea tree both working to heal and comfort, it'll feel a tiny bit like menthol... and it also helps keep you smelling fresh which is a plus as well!

But childbirth recovery starts before you're technically post partum, it starts even before you start pushing. It starts with this stuff I liked to call "green goop" (lol) But its really known as "Prescription for Nutritional Healing", it's the reason I didn't have to be cut and the reason I didn't tear badly at all (only 2 tiny stitches). And the great thing is that it's completely all natural! Use the recipe below and have your obstetrician or midwife coat the entire area around the birth canal and also around the edges inside the birth canal! I got the recipe from my Lamaze instructor and she said that she's known women who have pushed 9+ lb. babies out and not had to be cut or have many stitches when using this stuff, and it has also be known to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy!

Recipe for Prescription for Nutritional Healing
1/2 c. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/4 c. Aloe Vera Gel
6 capsules Vitamin E Oil
4 Capsules Vitamin A Oil
Add Olive Oil and Aloe Vera gel to a jar, cut vitamin oil capsules open and squeeze into jar, close and shake, mixing well, refrigerate. :)

Helps with elasticity and also used for prevention of stretch marks.

These are just some things that helped me and I wish I had known before giving birth so I could have been a little more prepared and I hope you can find useful as well.

What are some things that helped you all recover from childbirth?

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  1. YES!!! I couldn't agree more on the mesh panties, peri bottle and what I called pad-cicles. I will admit the numbinng spray was great too! I took the extra panties and pad-cicles home with me!!! My hosptial also gave me Tucks pads that helped tremendously.