Changing Times

So much has went on since I last posted! This past friday afternoon I had my wisdom teeth removed! Such a scary painful experience! I wouldn't wish the removal of wisdom teeth on anyone, in my opinion giving birth to my daughter wasn't as painful, I know, I know, you probably think I'm being dramatic (lol) but that's how I feel about it, and if I talk to you on a regular basis and it's all I talk about just know that it's because it was traumatizing okay? ( lol sorry mom and hubby). I am happy to have them finally removed though due to the fact that they bothered me for so many years and I put it off way too long. Anyhow though, it was the first time I've ever really had anything done with my teeth and I had no idea what to expect other than pain, so I was pretty scared leading up to surgery. I don't remember falling sleep when they put me under, all I remember is the room started swimming. I remember I was dreaming pleasant dreams when they brought me to, though I can't remember what;  waking up it felt like I was waking up to a nightmare, I just remember being scared because I didn't know where I was and my mouth hurt a lot. I started sobbing (which the anesthesiologist said was completely normal). Funny thing is I remember everything after waking up (most people don't I've heard), and I also remember feeling like I had Jay Leno's chin, it was numb and felt huge! Haha! Anyhow over the next few days it got worse before it started feeling better. I still can't chew food very good (I just want a salad so bad!), but most the pain is gone and the doctor said today that I was healing up extremely well, which I am very thankful for. Hoping I'll be able to eat and chew more real food by the end of the week. :) Also I won a pair of the most adorable organic baby leggings for Bella from Amira at www.amiragray.blogspot.com and Sarava at www.etsy.com/shop/saravadesigns in an instagram giveaway that I had completely forgotten I'd entered! Thank you ladies, such a nice surprise! And I found out I'm going to be getting my Nikon DSLR camera (my belated birthday present. :) those things are expensive! Lol) very soon and I am so super excited about that! I've wanted a really good camera for so long and for years my dream has been to own a professional grade camera, learn all the ins and outs of it and hopefully someday start my own photography business! Who knows, maybe I'm on the road to that dream coming true! And last but definitely not least, our plans of moving are finally starting to come together! I am so excited! It'll be so nice to move into somewhere more affordable and smaller! We have too much room where we are right now and it's just not economical to stay here. We've known we were going to move since not long after we got married so we never really got to make our house our home and decorate like we wanted, so I am super stoked about that! We are going to be moving into a condo within the next month or two and I can't wait to make it just like we want and decorate in the styles that I like, to make it cozy and homey and make it uniquely ours! So now that I am feeling better and mostly recovered from getting teeth out I am happy to resume blogging and get back in the groove of things as well as starting to pack (I haven't the first idea where to start lol)! Hope everyone's day is going wonderfully! Happy blogging!

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