Baby and New Mom Series: 5 Must Have Baby Products

This is the first post in my new Baby and New Mom Series, a new ongoing series I'm starting on the blog. In this and posts to come, you will find informative info on what products are lifesavers and what products you really just don't need, all from the perspective of a new mom. this week I'm sharing a few items that have been amazing for us!

1. The Boppy Pillow.
This pillow is amazing! Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed (or both) this is a lifesaver. Puts less pressure on your back and arms and keeps them at a nice "breast level" for breastfeeding which is also a comfortable level for bottle feeding.
2. A Changing Table.
Some people might say that this isn't a necessity, but let me tell you, it's a lifesaver! So nice not having to bend down or get on the floor (which is hard to do for the first few weeks of postpartum anyhow) to change a diaper and I know for a fact that our bedspread would have been ruined by now if I had ever made a habit of changing her on our bed.
3. A & D Ointment and Desitin.
This stuff is a little trick we learned in the hospital. They told us we really only needed to use it for the first month or so but it's 5 months and we're still going strong. We still use it after EVERY diaper change and I'm happy to report that Bella has never had a diaper rash. Also if you do notice a little redness (usually after a bowel movement) use Desitin, we only use the maximum strength desitin and after one diaper change are able to go back to the a & d because it soothes it that fast!
4. The Bumbo Seat.
Wow, this thing... it's amazing! It's made of a soft foam type stuff and they can usually start sitting in it from around 2 months or so of age. It helps with stomach muscle development, you can get so much done (like cooking dinner) while they sit and watch you, and our favorite use is in the shower! She sits in it during our shower till I'm done washing myself and am ready to pick her up and wash her! And it's so easy to dry off afterwards!
5. A Video Baby Monitor.
I can't even tell you how nice these things are! You can hear them as well as see them! Plus can we say night vision, who doesn't love that? Lol. I couldn't imagine having only an audio monitor, hearing sounds (or not: when they are sleeping) and not knowing if they've moved in the crib from where you positioned them or what is going on. It's just so much more reassuring being able to see.

I was not compensated in any way for this review, all opinions are my own. :)

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  1. I'm with ya...the Boppy is amazing. I'm finished breastfeeding, and I still use it. Sometimes Piper will lounge on it, too. That A and D is a miracle worker! Loved this post! Have a great day! :)