Bella's Birth Story - Part 2

My contractions came closer together and were more intense this time and I was also getting nauseated! We sat through contractions for awhile while Frank counted and timed, and a little before midnight I asked him to call my doctor. After reaching her answering service they said it would probably be around 10-20 minutes before the doc called us back. But a minute had barely passed before his phone was ringing and my doctor was returning our call, he told her the timing of my contractions and how long I had been in labor and she said that we would go ahead and come in to the hospital if we wanted. After hanging up we hurried around and carried everything to the car and headed to the hospital, arriving only a few short minutes later because we live so close. As we carried everything into the facility my teeth were chattering and I was shivering from the cold night air and from excitement and nervousness. We ended up having to sit in the waiting room for about 20 minutes waiting for a nurse to come with a wheelchair to take us up to the maternity ward. As we sat there, my contractions slowed down again and I started to get worried that it had all just been a false alarm and that we really weren't going to get to meet our little princess that night! But after a nurse finally showed up with the wheelchair and we got in the elevator contractions began to come more frequently again. Yay again! (Lol). It wasn't till we got in the delivery room and I'd changed into my hospital gown and gotten into (that terribly uncomfortable and hard as a rock) bed that it started to really hit me for the first time... This was happening! We were going to meet her! ... and then I started to get scared... what if she didn't like me? I was going to be a mom! What if I wasn't a good mom? I was going to have to push a (tiny) person out of my lady parts! (Lol). What if I ended up having to have a C-section or having to get cut or what if I ripped really bad? What if they had to use forceps to get her out? What if the doctor didn't make it in time and the nurses had to deliver our baby? Or (blushing) what if I pooed? (Laughing) lol. But thankfully I had my wonderful husband by my side holding my hand and calming my fears and telling me everything I needed to hear. Telling me not to be scared and that I was brave and that I was going to be alright. One of the nurses came in and checked my dilation and I was only about 2 and a half centimeters at the time, so it was decided to go ahead and get the iv to start the pitocin and get the labor going stronger; the ordeal of putting the iv in was no fun, i have tiny veins to begin with and on top of that I was freezing cold so there was even less blood in my hands so the nurse brought in a couple blankets from the warmer, and let me tell you, they felt amazing! Lol I had a bed sheet, the two heated blankets, and my own pink quilt (I'm kind of like Linus from Peanuts when it comes to that quilt lol I simply cannot sleep without it haha) that I was covered up with, and I was still cold(!), but thankfully not quite as cold as before. After about 30 mins she came back in to try and insert my iv again and thankfully she was able to find my veins this time; iv in, Pitocin started, she had me start filling out the registration paperwork for the hospital (which honestly they should let you pre-register), after about 10 mins my doc came to break my water and let me tell you, it was one of the most crazy experiences ever, it just felt so weird (but kinda neat at the same time), she said she was going to break my water and suddenly I heard a "POP" and felt a whoosh of warm liquid pour all over the towels, I was all like "???" and when she told me not to raise my back up I misunderstood and done just that haha but thankfully my amniotic fluid didn't run all up back haha. And seriously it was pretty much instant, as soon as she broke my water my contractions got insane, I didn't know what had hit me! It felt like period cramps except like a hundred times more painful. I had already previously decided to go ahead and get the epidural but I had to wait because they had called the phlebotomy department 3 times before someone showed up to take my blood, then afterwards I had to wait around for the anesthesiologist to show up all the while I'm going through extremely painful contractions and they're still making me sign papers, but finally everyone showed up and performed their given tasks and after receiving the epidural I was much more relaxed, I could breathe normally again and wasn't hyperventilating anymore like I had been before, I felt warm for the first time since arriving at the hospital and I was able to relax somewhat even though I could still feel the contractions and actually kind of doze off for a few hours which I was extremely thankful for. I could still feel my lower body after the epidural and only felt a small amount of tingling, but it worked just good enough to knock the edge off of the worse contractions for a few hours.

.....To be Continued.....
When we got in our delivery room at the hospital directly before I changed into my hospital gown.

Freshly changed into my hospital gown, trying to warm up so they could put my iv in.

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