All About Spring

Spring is one of my absolute favorite seasons! There is so much life! Everything is turning so colorful: grass is becoming green again, flowers making their way up through soil and blooming, the weather is beginning warmer and overall the world is just a happy, more cheerful place.
So I've compiled a list of a few of my favorite (and least favorite) things about warmer weather!
My 10 Favorites:
1. Flowers (trees, bushes) blooming.
2. Birds singing and chirping.
3. Picnics.
4. Long walks.
5. Fresh produce (and hopefully getting to have a few vegetable plants this year).
6. Open windows and fresh air. So wonderful after a house is closed up all winter long!
7. Lots of sunshine.
8. Wearing pastel and bright colors and transitioning from winter to spring apparel; it feels so nice being able to step outside in a short sleeve shirt rather than have to constantly be bundled up in a long sleeves with a sweater and scarf and coat all on top of that.
9. Rain. I love the sound of rain on our window, I sleep so good those mornings, the bad side effect is that I usually don't want to get out of bed because there's no sunshine. Lol.
10. All the wonderful smells! There's almost nothing better than the aroma of dirt after it rains, or freshly bloomed hyacinth!
My 5 dislikes:
1. Lawn mowers (soon as warmer weather hits there is never a time when you can't hear one running).
2. Dismal rainy days (no sunshine).
3. Bugs, bugs, bugs.
4. Snakes.
5. Thunderstorms and tornado warnings. (3 words... I hate thunder. And lightning too for that matter. Oh yeah, and funnel clouds).
I'm so excited about this spring mainly because it's going to be the best spring I've every experienced. Why you ask? Because our daughter was just born a few months ago and she will be experiencing EVERYTHING for the very first time! We will see the world through the eyes of a child in wonderment of God's creation. It will be amazing!

So here's to hoping the weather will warm up for good soon and actually "be spring" now that spring is supposedly "officially here" a week or so ago now. Hope everyone is having an amazing day! Happy Spring!

All pictures taken at Missouri Botanical Gardens. Spring 2011.

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