Growing up, I was such a book worm, I read pretty much everything that wasn't glued down and you'd always find me at the library or sitting on my bed reading. Of course, when I became a teenager and got my own smartphone I didn't want to just play game and text friends... nope, I downloaded allllll the free books, I read almost all the classics, Sherlock Holmes, Alice in wonderland, Moby Dick, and practically everything Jane Austen ever wrote. No small surprise that my favorite book was Pride and Prejudice, so when I found a children's version of the beloved Jane Austen novel after I became a mom, I knew my little girl had to have it, she actually needed it.

And so the obsession with Babylit books began. And once we started collecting them, we haven't been able to stop. No seriously, I have no idea what the Babylit book count is up to in our home, but it's a lot, and we love it. Our daughter can recite the original Pride and Prejudice primer we bought for her by heart, we've read it to her that much since we bought it for her as a birthday present when she turned a year old, and whenever we ask her to choose a bedtime story, 90% of the time, she'll choose one of her Babylit books.

So with a baby boy on the way, I looked over the titles we had, and ultimately decided that we needed to add some new books to our lineup, some more "boy-ish" books... So here's what we chose below:

We've been loving reading these at bedtimes so far and can't wait to start reading them to baby once he's here (I'm a firm believer in instilling a love of literature at a young age, even reading to little ones as young as a newborn).

Babylit also has some fun new storybooks, basically a step up from the primers that we love to much, and now that Bella is older, they're also perfect for sharing the entire story with her! She's had so much fun learning more about everyone in Pride & Prejudice, finding out the whole story of Alice in Wonderland and The Secret Garden, and finding a new story that she's never heard before with The Jungle Book! These titles below are the ones we chose and are so much fun:

Whether you've never heard of Babylit books before, or already love them but are just searching for some new books to add to your little one's collection or even to gift to nieces/nephews/grandkids, Babylit is our favorite way to introduce tiny people to all the classics and to help instill a love of reading at a young age. They make the perfect bedtime stories since they're not ages long, and reading is such a great way to spend  bonding time with your kiddos. The illustrations are also so vivid and Bella has always loved  just sitting and looking at them, even at a year old when we first introduced her to Babylit books. Find all their books here (so many amazing ones to choose from)... Happy reading!

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