I have a slight obsession with brown shoes. I organized our closet the other day, lined up all of our shoes and when I was done, I stepped back to admire my organization... and started laughing, 95% of our shoes are some shade of brown. So of course when I seen these pretty shoes from Adelisa & Co. last year, I immediately had my heart set on getting a pair for Bella, as well as owning a pair myself when the released women's sizes.

They're just so dainty and feminine and beautiful, aren't they?  I might be in love with them. These Cosecha Mary Janes have quickly become some of mine and Bella's most favorite shoes since they arrived last month and they're so comfortable we never want to take them off. Bella has practically not taken hers off since they came and I love wearing mine to church especially, they just bring such a cute element to my outfits.

Each pair of Adelisa & Co. shoes and boots are lovingly crafted and handmade by artisans in Nicaragua, and since each pair is made by real people, it creates a lasting impact in the lives of so many families. Additionally, 10% of the proceeds of each purchase goes to young families with little ones in Nicaragua to create a lasting impact for those in need, and the little ones they are raising.

Shopping small, and shopping where I know my purchases are actually making a difference is so important to me, that's part of why we love Adelisa & Co. so much. That, and of course their affordable prices, heirloom quality products and the simple and beautiful look to their footwear that's perfect for everyday wear, and so great for family photos. I fully plan on having Bella and myself all wear Adelisa & Co. shoes or boots in our family photos next year, and buying a pair of their adorable Paseo boots for baby boy once his feet grow big enough. Have you added any Adelisa & Co. shoes to your wardrobe? What do you love most about them?

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