Ever since I can remember, I've been absolutely fascinated with space. As a child, I dreamed of someday going to space and becoming an astronaut, and as a teenager and also as a young adult before I got married, I was planning on joining the air force and hoping to become a pilot (I just loved all things aviation, and still do). So when American Girl unveiled their new girl of the year, Luciana Vega, I was so thrilled to learn that she was interested in space and her plans were to become the first person on mars! And throw in the fact that she was into STEM and getting more young girls interested in space, science, math and more, I couldn't have been more excited to introduce my daughter to her and the world of science.

She's become the perfect tool for teaching STEM to my daughter, and even came along with us for a trip to the science center recently where we learned all about space, and robots (which was one of Bella's absolute favorite parts) and how so many things work in science! Bella had a blast carrying her and learning along right beside her new friend "Lucy".

Bella has loved Luciana since as soon as she laid eyes on her when the box arrived. Her pretty dress, the streak of purple running through her hair, she even loves when I read chapters of the Luciana book to her AND she especially loves the extra accessories that are available for Luciana. The telescope projector is her absolute favorite, she loves turning the lights off and turning it on to reveal the most beautiful and breathtaking planets, nebula, space station, the moon and of course mars! The mini astronaut figure is another favorite of hers and she plays with Luciana and her accessories for hours at a time, all while asking questions about space, the world around her and all about how things work.

I just love that American Girl worked with NASA closely on this doll to make sure everything was correct and so that through dolls and make believe, girls could find out more about STEM projects and learn about science! Way to go American Girl!

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