I'm always on the hunt for new dresses, and with a new baby on the way, unfortunately not all dresses are going to be practical anymore since I'm planning on breastfeeding again. So lately I've been drawn to wrap dresses and dresses with buttons, like this pretty dress, the Meredith dress in Sage, from one of my newest favorite modest clothing boutiques, Cleo Madison, a super cute boutique with the prettiest outfits and great prices. I just love the color of this dress, as well as the functional side to it since the buttons on the chest unbutton to accommodate breastfeeding, making it the perfect nursing friendly dress for all of you mamas with little ones, or mamas to be. And guess what? It also works great for all the ladies who don't have little ones and aren't expecting too!

I'm loving that it works for my growing bump too since I'm not breastfeeding yet and I just feel so feminine and pretty in this dress. It's perfect for every day wear if you'd like, or I wore it to church today and it was just perfect!

I'm also loving these tan Melrose sandals that Cleo Madison was so kind to send my way, they go with literally everything I own since they're such a nice natural color and complete practically any outfit, plus they're perfect for the entire summer!

If you're needing a super cute dress or any other outfit, check out all the great pieces over at Cleo Madison!

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