Family Footwear Finds

Thanks to Skechers for sending these shoes in our way in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Pennsylvania winters are known for being cold and lasting for what feels like forever, so making sure our family has high quality, warm footwear to keep us warm during the cold months is high on my list of to-do's every year. I've consistently shopped at Skechers the past few years for our footwear because they have such great quality shoes and have something for everyone, plus their shoes are just so comfortable and stylish, I mean, how could I pass all that up? The answer is, I can't. Haha.

For Bella I chose these sweet little gold booties, I love how they're fun because they're gold shiny, but also neutral and classic, we've paired these with SO many outfits the past few weeks, skinny jeans and tees or sweaters, tights and dresses, they seem to go with all of her clothes and she loves them just as much as I do! the perfect little boots. I also decided to be a fun mom (haha) and let Bella choose her second pair herself! Of course she chose a hot pink pair available with flashing lights, but hey, she loves them so I guess that's what matters most and they're actually starting to grow on me, even though they're not our typical style, they're super cute. She loves both of these pairs of boots, and I love that they'l keep her warm this winter all while looking stylish. They're also both easy to put on, super soft inside and she can even put them on by herself so that's another reason to love them.

Since my husband has to walk a ton at his job (around 10 miles a day) he goes through shoes faster than you can blink an eye, so since he was needing a couple new pairs of shoes I grabbed him these shoes perfect for walking for work days! I love the neutral gray color and he loves how easy they are to slip on as well as how light they feel on his feet. For the weekends, I grabbed these unique faux leather casual shoes for him! I just love leather and these shoes are such good ones!

Of course I needed a couple new pairs of booties to add to my wardrobe too so I snagged this pair, I love the unique suede look and comfy feel to them, and of course this pair just screams winter time cozy. The luxe look of these with the pretty faux fur and neutral taupe immediately grabbed my eye and I've been practically living in them since they arrived and I just love how I can be stylish yet warm in these!

Anyway, we're just loving all these shoes and boots, winter is (pretty much) here and we're all about staying warm and comfortable so make sure to grab alllllll the cozy styles for the entire family over at Skechers!

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