2017 Holiday Gift Guide for HER

Happy Tuesday! I'm so excited to bring you my second installment of my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide series, filled with such great items that every woman will love and I can't wait to find some of these under my tree on Christmas morning, as well as gift some to family and friends! I'm keeping it minimal this year with gifts and I'm just loving each and every one of these items. I love that they're all useful, beautiful and functional. I'm excited to share them all below, hopefully you'll find some great gift ideas and you could even send this to your significant other as a hint list! Happy Shopping!

ONE | Freedom Soap Co.
I recently chatted about some of the products we love from the Freedom Soap Co. over in my men's 2017 holiday gift guide and I'm loving all of their products for the ladies just as much! These ylang-ylang and rose bath salts are simply amazing, they have the most divine smell and I absolutely cannot wait to take a relaxing warm bath with these. This facial toning water spray is such a great addition to my beauty regimen and it's so great on my skin, I also love this cleansing oil, perfect for removing makeup naturally and so much more. And of course I can't not talk a little more about their lovely soaps again; I'm absolutely loving the lavender and rose clay, both smell so delicious and work so great! I just love that all of the products they offer are completely natural with no bad ingredients, so you don't have to worry about anything and your skin will be it's happiest!

A chunky woven blanket has been on the top of my wishlist for awhile and when I received this one in the mail recently it was love at first sight. It's so soft, so cuddly, and so beautiful. If you're looking for a little luxury to add under the tree this year, then look no further, this blanket (which comes in three different sizes) is the perfect gift for the lady in your life. Each blanket is handmade and hand-knitted in the beautiful state of Utah by Elena, the sweetest lady who is a coffee and cat lover (two of my own favorite things) and the quality is amazing. Unmatched in softness, as well as very high quality and durable even though they're so soft. This piece is definitely going to be a conversation starter in your home and I would be surprised if everyone just has to know where you got it so they can buy one too (you tend starter you). Guys, take note: every lady needs one of these to snuggle up in for movie nights and reading on cold days. If you need me, you'll find me snuggling up under this pretty blanket all winter.

A trusty mug is one of those things that everyone needs, and it's even better when it's as cute as this pretty mug from Soul Vessel Designs. After seeing it online, I couldn't get over how pretty it was, but I literally gasped when I opened the box, so stunning in person, and it's the absolute prettiest mug ever. I love the size if it. It's large and shallow so it'll fit a ton of coffee but also cool it off faster so I won't be constantly burning myself lol, perfect for keeping for yourself or gifting to someone special to you, or you could just buy one to keep and one to gift. I've been loving my coffee and hot cocoa in this mug since the holiday season started and the quality of this mug is great!

FOUR | Fawn Design
Fawn Design has been our go-to bag of choice for the past year and I literally never carry anything else anymore, we just love their sleek minimal design and the fact that they hold so much, all while looking super stylish. Not to mention that we love the faux leather since it's so resilient and everything just wipes off to look good as new. We've had a black one, a bloom one (a limited edition color from this spring), and now I'm super excited to try out the Fawn Design mini! Yes, they make a smaller size now and even though I simply love the storage capabilities of the original size, I'm excited to start using this mini size since I don't always carry as much with us now that Bella is potty trained and getting older, this way I can also carry it with me and use it as a purse on date nights! I just love the pretty natural brown color and how it's neutral so it'll go with everything in all seasons!

FIVE | Woven Pear
I don't wear socks often, but when I do, I want them to be cute, and I just love the cuteness factor , as well as the coziness of Woven Pear socks. Whenever I wear them out in public I always get a ton of compliments and comments, everyone just loves how unique they are, and that's another big reason I love them too! There's a pair to match whatever mood you're in and a pair for whatever your hobby or favorite snack may be (ice cream and sushi anyone?). I've loved Woven Pear since they first started way back in 2015 and I admittedly have quite a collection of them (because I need them allllll, they're so cute).

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