2017 Holiday Gift Guide for THE LITTLE ONES

While gifting is one of my love languages, gifting for children is on another level. It's my absolute favorite. Finding fun and unique items that a child will love, that aligns with all of their interests and that's good quality is the best. That's why I'm so excited for this third and final installment of my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide series, since this one is all for the little ones! We've loved each of these brands that I'm featuring below for years, and their products are each perfect in every way, great fir gifting to your own children or other little ones you buy for. Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!

We're big fans of Cuddle and Kind in our home, we own 3 already (the pink bunny, the red haired mermaid, and the girl fox), so these two new sweethearts, Aspen the penguin, and Stella the polar bear, are going to fit right into our cuddle and kind doll family nicely! Though we love how soft and cuddle these dolls are, also love the quality and that fact that our little girl loves them so much and could play with them for hours, what we love most about these dolls, is that for every single doll purchased, Cuddle & Kind donates 10 meals to those in need. So for every doll you purchase, you'll be feeding a child or family 10 meals, putting food on their table and food in the tummies of hungry and growing children. Their mission is what resonates most with me, and the fact that you can have such a nice product to purchase while doing good in the world is so awesome. Their dolls are hand crafted by artisans in Guatemala and once you get one, you'll need them all. Oh! And they also come in two different sizes, the regular size, and the mini, so no matter what your budget or the size of your little one, you can still do good!

Maileg is one of those brands that offers the "aaawwwww" kind of toys, the ones your little ones love and the ones you certainly can't resist. I mean, just look at those tiny baby mice, I simply cannot deal. the cuteness is too much. Last Christmas we got the sleepy wakey bambi for Bella and it's become one of her absolute favorites, she says its "lambies sister" (her lovey that she's carried around since she was around one year old) and it's just the cutest thing, so I figured why not add a couple more of these sweet little toys from Maileg to her collection! These baby twin mice are simply darling and I have a feeling that this isn't the last set of mice we'll be getting, and I have a feeling I'm going to love these little mice just as much as she does haha. I love these toys because they're not bright, flashy, loud toys that are going to break in a month, they're actually quality made, Danish design toys that will last for years to come and never go out of style, toys that can be passed down and be favorites for so many generations. This sweet little bunny was also sent our way and it's going to be the perfect friend for sleepy-wakey bambie and her lambie!

Books are the best thing ever, or at least we think so in our home. Books have always been my favorite, I'd spend hours upon hours upon hours as a child with my nose stuck in a book, reading anything and everything that I could get my hands on and filling my head with the knowledge of big words (that I was always using and telling my brother to look up in the dictionary when he asked what something meant haha), all the classics (Jane Austen was and still is one of my favorite authors) and filling my brain with all sorts and manners of useful and useless facts and things alike. So now that I have a little girl of my own, and she loves to look at books and be read to, it's time to break out some of the classics as well as some new favorites! BabyLit has been one of our go-to and favorite places for children's board books since I first found them right before Bella turned a year old (and one of her 1st birthday gifts was a BabyLit pride and prejudice, that she can no recite word for word all on her own). Last year we got her 5 more and this year we're upping the game to 10 new BabyLit books! Woohoo! A few of he new books we chose for Bella this year is A Christmas Carol, A Little Princess, The Nutcracker and the Fairy Friends collection, you can shop all of their books here. I can't wait to see her smile when she finds these all under the tree on Christmas morning!

Cozy things are one of my big weaknesses. Like give me all he cozy things, blankets, throws, pillows, pajamas, rugs, leggings, quilts... I need them all, er at least I think I do lol. So of course it was natural to get Bella a couple more muslin quilts from one of our favorite brands, Clementine Kids. We have the original clementine quilt and she loves is so much. It's so soft and cozy, keeps you the perfect temperature and it's big enough that I can even use it as a throw blanket for myself while watching a movie, well, that is when she lets me, she usually keeps a pretty tight grip on it and isn't so keen on sharing lol. I love these quilts because they don't fade or pill, they show virtually no wash wear and even though we've had our clementine one for months, it still looks brand new! I usually keep them folded in a cute basket on her dresser so she can easily grab it whenever she want to snuggle up with it and I cannot wait to add these two to our collection, the ice cream one is going to be soooo good for summer and I just love the pretty nature inspired print of the huckleberry one as well.

Gathre mats are one of the must-have necessities in our home. From snacking, to crafting, to painting, to baking, to picnics outdoors and everything and anything in between. We just love our Gathre Mats and I'm super excited to get another one to add to our collection! We already have this round flax maxi, and this grid midi from the Riley + Cru collaboration earlier this year, and though we love both sizes, for everyday use around our home, I love the size, convenience and portability of the midi size, so when I spied this raven midi on the Gathre website, I kind of fell in love. I know, I know, you're probably like, whaaaat she got something other than white, gray or brown? but I just love the contrast of this one, something different and unique and it can be used for more than our other two lighter ones, like if my daughter wants to use markers, she can use any color she wants now haha, which I'm sure she'll be thrilled about. She's going to be so excited to find this under the tree on Christmas morning, along with some new crafting and art supplies of course!

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