Nuby Review: Nuby Foam Bath Letters & Numbers

What's better than bath-time fun when you're little?! I remember having some bath-time letters and numbers of my own when I was little and they were some of my favorite bath toys!
And I'm pretty excited that my daughter gets to have some of her own now too! She is quite the little mermaid and would stay in the bathtub 24/7 if I let her and she loves these bath toys! And she even loves playing with them outside of the bath!
They stick to the bathtub very good, but not so that they don't come off when little hands want to pull them off the side of the tub, which is perfect!
These soft foam letters and numbers are fun, float in the water AND are Phthalate free and BPA free! Yay!
The Nuby Foam Bath Letters & Numbers set contains 26 (A through Z) letters and 10 numbers (0 through 9) and are aimed at ages 18 months and over, but really are great for younger ages as well.
The Nuby Foam Bath Letters & Numbers are available to purchase at Buy Buy Baby Direct, The Baby Depot (Burlington), Meijer and Walmart and usually sell for less than or around $6!



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