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Picture this... You lay your yoga mat out and as you move into the different positions your little one scoots over to you and yep... steals your yoga mat. Your little one wants to be just like mommy (or Daddy) and do yoga too! So you have a few choices...
Let them use your yoga mat with you (making for a slightly, er, unproductive yoga sesh), or buy a regular sized yoga mat and cut it down to size for them, orrrrrr... you can buy them their very own mini sized yoga mat!

A Bendi Baby Yoga mat to be exact.
Now I don't know about you, but the last option is the most appealing to me personally... A yoga mat made specifically for a toddler? Sign me up! Where can I buy?
Yoga is something I'm just starting to work on with Bella since I think it's a great exercise and it helps with keeping calm and so many more awesome things (which I'll touch on a little below), and since she's always trying to swipe my yoga mat out from under me I thought it was time for her to have her own!

She hasn't really caught on yet but she's getting there, and what's more, she has fun! We both do actually!
Maybe you've never heard of infant yoga or toddler yoga? Maybe its something you've been wanting to try? Here are just a few of the amazing benefits... And enhancing concentration is just one of many... With all of the distractions going on this is a very good thing for a young child. So many TVs, tablets, smartphones, loud flashing toys... Not saying anything is wrong with those in moderation but being exposed to too many gadgets can actually lead to things like a child developing ADHD and developmental delays. Sometimes it can actually be overwhelming because there are just too many choices for them!

When a child (or adult) gets used to moving in and out of the asanas (or postures in yoga) it can automatically improve concentration skills. Whether it be sitting through a lesson in school, sitting through church, doing a test, reading a book... really anything that requires any patience and concentration at all.
Yoga also helps increase balance and flexibility! It tones muscles which make it (not impossible obviously, but definitely) less likely that a person would suffer from a sprain or fracture from an accidental fall. And the earlier you start, the more benefits a child can gain from yoga, since children are so much more flexible than most adults. :)

Yoga is also great for improving general well being and boosting confidence! According to studies, Kids who practice yoga regularly generally feel better about themselves and are happier and healthier than children who don't! I know I personally feel this way after a good yoga sesh. I feel so rejuvenated both physically AND mentally!
And Yoga is amazing for relaxing and promoting calmness... Children and adults alike are all suffering from way more stress than they did back "in the good old days", blame it on technology or high expectations or diets or pollution or crazy schedules or whatever you want, its probably a combination of so so many things... But some stress can be combated with yoga... Yoga is known for helping people relax and de-stress and is great for soothing frayed emotions and helping ease depression and usher in happiness, joy, calmness and overall contentedness!

Bendi Baby was created in 2011 by Brooke Kochel (mother of Sage Pilar and Rumi). While spending an entire year on their family farm in rural Arkansas she realized the need for a child's yoga mat, because sharing your yoga mat with a toddler is no easy feat!
She has a Master's Degree in Child Development, has delivered many babies as a midwife and studies yoga under Shiva Rea for 6 years, Brooke said "the idea of the Baby Yoga Mat seemed to fill a developmental and practical need for mamas and infants".

The Bendi Baby yoga mat was designed with the mom on-the-go in mind! It fits perfectly in  a diaper bag or large purse, and you can lay it anywhere for a clean, soft space for your child.  The uses for the Bendi Baby yoga mats are endless! Yoga at school, Mommy and Me classes, picnics at the park, diaper changes, fun at festivals, naps at daycare, baby massage or Special Needs physical therapy.

The Bendi Baby yoga mats are AWESOME! 

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  1. Yayyyy these are so adorable! I bought Elliott a yoga dvd and book but I didn't even think of a mat:)