Red Balloons for Ryan - In Memory of Ryan Cruz Saldana

One year ago today was a day that shattered the world of two loving parents: a beautiful little boy, tragically taken from this world much too soon... His name, Ryan Cruz Saldana.
A day that shook so many mothers to their core and made them hug their little ones so much closer.
A day that a little boy went to love with Jesus and heaven gained a beautiful curly haired red headed little angel.
I can't even begin to imagine the pain that his mother Jacqui and father Dan have endured. All the tears (so so many more than us), all the questions, all the heartbreak and heartache, all the prayers... everything.
There hasn't been one single day that I haven't thought of little Ryan since the tragic accident occurred last May. His story touched me more deeply than I could have ever thought possible and I wanted to do something to remember him by... The one thing his parents asked of everyone was that he wouldn't be forgotten.

And Forgotten is something Ryan Cruz will never be. So this little photo-shoot is in some small way my avenue of remembering him and honoring his memory.
It was fairly overcast when I first started shooting, and the most amazing part was when Bella let go of that last balloon... right as she let go of it the sun came out and lit that balloon up so bright as it flew so high up in the sky. Coincidence? Maybe. But then again maybe not. It was a moment of goose-bumps for sure.
Fly high little Ryan, fly high!

You can find the whole story (written by Jacqui's best friend Alissa) here.
And you can find Jacqui's blog and instagram here.
Want to help in some small way? Send up a prayer or two for Jaqui and Dan today, leave a kind comment on Jacqui's social media, wear red for Ryan today...
Don't forget Ryan Cruz Saldana.

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