It's that time of year again! The most wonderful time of year when we get to shop for kids of all ages and look for the most perfect gifts for them to find under the tree. There's nothing better than seeing their eyes light up and sparkle when they find just what they have been wishing for, or perhaps didn't know they were missing. Their excitement is simply the best, and I'm stoked to share my 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for kids below! Merry Christmas friends!

Is there anything better than a cozy pair of Christmas pajamas? We are such big fans of staying cozy when it's cold, and these Plain Jane Pajamas are absolute perfection for the winter season. If you've been around very long at all, you've probably heard me mention Plain Jane Pajamas on more than one occasion, but there's no better time than now to re-introduce (or introduce if you're new) you to the world's softest pajamas. They are the softest pajamas you will ever lay your hands on, created from 94% modal (and 6% spandex), and my kids can't get enough of them. They love them so much that they'll wear them until they've got holes and they've been long outgrown if I let them haha, they're the ones they reach for again and again, so you know they're good. I'm so excited to give Bella this new PJ set in Starlight, it's the most magical print and I love that it's festive without being too festive, so she can wear them all year long. Bodhi is also going to love his new PJ set in Basil. Basil is undeniably the greatest shade of green known to mankind (half of my entire wardrobe may or may not be this exact shade of green haha), and they're going to look so adorable on him. Want the family to match? Plain Jane actually makes matching pajamas and loungewear for the entire family, so the teenagers and adults can also enjoy the same buttery soft pajamas as the little ones! Head HERE to grab your own cozy pjs!

What's better than a beach day building sand castles with your beach toys? Not much when you're a kid. We love sand toys as much as the next family, but we try to be extremely conscious of the sand toys we purchase since we have first hand seen how easy it is to lose sand toys or forget them. We've seen so many families leave sand toys behind when they are finishing up their vacation (they don't feel like being bothered to take them back home or donate them) so the beaches are scattered with left behind beach toys at the end of the day in summertime, we've also seen kids lose beach toys when a big wave comes up unexpectedly (we've even sadly lost one or two since living here), seen toys wash up on the beach. We've given them to others, donated them, and kept a few here and there. However, hands down, the best beach toys we've ever used, are Rogue Wave beach toys! We've loved them since the beginning, since we discovered them (right before their Kickstarter campaign) back in 2019, and we hands down, 100% recommend them. Not only are they great colors and high quality made, but they are compostable! As if beach toys couldn't get any cooler, they just did by being earth friendly! Rogue Wave toys aren't just certified compostable, they're also made from plants, not petroleum, and are oil and BPA free! They're made in the USA (another reason to love Rogue Wave) and made for play! You can feel great knowing your purchase is a good one for our planet (and future generations) and your groms will love these beach toys for years to come! Get your Rogue Wave compostable beach toys set and other merch HERE!

I'm a huge fan of shopping small and supporting local. After all, shopping local is what helps keep your own community going and food on the tables of small business owners (your friends and neighbors) and helps pay for their kids activities. Whether you're a local to the Myrtle Beach area or on vacation to Myrtle Beach, Wonder and Wilde is the most amazing children's store that you need to check out! When you walk in to Wonder & Wilde, you are instantly transported to a world of colorful imagination and daydreams. Seriously, everything in there is something a child would love, and it's the stuff dreams are made of. Such adorable toys and clothing and books and so much more, they have something for every child. I recently stopped by and picked up this adorable Candylab Woodie Redux Car (complete with a little magnetic surfboard on top) for Bodhi (we are huge fans of Candylab cars), along with these super fun "Glo Pals" Light Up Cubes that are perfect for bath time, he's going to be stoked to find these under the tree on Christmas. I also found this beautiful Super Smalls Make It Super DIY Bead Kit (bracelet making kit) at Wonder & Wilde for Bella. She's in her girly era and loves all things bracelet making and of course loves making bracelets even more because of Taylor Swift. She is also really into art, she's been my little artist for as long as I can remember, and OOLY is already one of our favorite brands, so it made perfect sense to grab this adorable Rainbow Sparkle Glitter Markers Set for her also. Make sure you head by their shop or to their website HERE and grab some gifts for your little loves!

I'm a sucker for cute hats, especially five panel hats (I just think they're the cutest). Thankfully my groms feel the same way about hats as I do, and one of our absolute favorite hat brands, is Rad River Co.! We've loved their hats for years, and sadly Bodhi has outgrown his, so I'm stoked that he'll have a new one that fits! This Sea Foam Green five panel hat is going to be absolutely perfect for him, it's the best shade of green ever, and I love that it'll match with so much! What I love even more though, is that it is created from nylon which makes it waterproof! He'll be able to wear it all year long, out of the water and IN the water too without worry of damage or fade (his last hat was also nylon and it was perfect for salty summer beach days). Bella is going to adore this Copper Check cotton five panel hat, and since both kiddos wear the same size hat now, they can share the hats for different occasions (if one hat matches an outfit better, etc.). If you want a cute hat for your kids that will withstand the test of time and last for years, head over to Rad River Co. and scoop up a few their awesome hats! They even make adult sizes so you can grab one for yourself to match your kiddos! Find them all HERE!

Both my kiddos (like most kids) really love stuffies, and the softer the better. Slumberkins are some of our favorites, because not only are they super cute and ultra soft, but we also love that they have deeper meanings behind each little creature, the perfect way to help little ones understand and manage their big emotions. Slumberkins support kids while they are learning about anger, happiness, fear, anxiety, grief, self esteem, conflict resolution, big changes and so much more. I love so much that learning tools can come in such cute packages now, I wish Slumberkins had been around when I was a child, but I'm so grateful my own children get to have them. Bodhi struggles with being independent so the Narwhal Kin is perfect for him since it fosters a growth mindset and promotes becoming more independent. I chose the Sprite Kin for Bella since back in 2017 she lost a grandparent that she was extremely close to and it's been difficult for her. Sprite Kin focuses on processing grief and coping with loss and I think it will be perfect for her. Slumberkins aren't just soft and cozy, though they very much are... each Slumberkin is designed with an emotional skill in mind by therapists and educators. Each Slumberkin animal comes with a story book and affirmation card, are hypoallergenic, and machine washable. They sell "Kins" that are regular stuffed animals and "Snugglers" that are more lovie style. There are also mini Slumberkins, like this adorable Seafoam Hedgehog! Head HERE to find the perfect Slumberkin for your child!

Since moving near the ocean, we've come to realize just how much trash ends up in the sea and on our beaches. It's sad really, how little people care to do the right thing and clean up after themselves, some purposely leaving trash behind and purposely creating trashy beaches for their own amusement, tourist season is the worst for that. Other times people (especially children) accidentally losing toys in the sand or trash that is scattered along the beach after a big storm or hurricane. Sadly, any trash that makes It's way into a street or drain or waterway, has the potential to make its way into onto our beaches and into the ocean. We try to pick up any trash we see when we are at the beach, because even though it may not be a lot, it's something, every piece of trash picked up makes a difference. And if a bunch of people do a little, it adds up to a lot and makes a huge impact over time. That's why we love 4ocean so much! They are a brand on a mission for cleaner seas and beaches. They sell awesome bracelets created from 100% recycled plastic cord, and their beach cleanup bags are some of the best we've found. For every bracelet purchased, 4ocean will remove 5 pounds of trash from the world's oceans, rivers and coastlines (they've cleaned up over 33,295,617 lbs. of trash from already... and counting), and you can get your very own beach cleanup bag and gloves to do your part to help keep your community and local beach clean! I'm so excited to give Bella and Bodhi these bracelets (like the Great White Shark Beaded Bracelet, Braided Loggerhead Sea Turtle Bracelet, and Hawksbill Sea Turtle Beaded Bracelet), the Cleanup Bag bag, and these super awesome 4ocean × Stasher reusable silicone snack bags (currently unavailable, but they have a ton of other great sustainable single-use-alternative options available). Head over to their website HERE to see what 4ocean is all about and support clean oceans for all!

We really love surf inspired clothing styles and brands, and Feather 4 Arrow has been a favorite for some years. We discovered them years ago, before we even moved to the beach (back when we were still hoping and dreaming), and we still love them to this day (even though I'm buying much larger sizes than I used to... why does time have to fly so quickly and why do kids have to grow so fast). They have so many adorable styles for both girls and boys, and so many of their graphic tees are perfectly gender neutral as well (for instance, Bella picked out the cutest taco themed tee a few years ago that will be passed on to Bodhi this next year). I can't wait to give them these new tops from Feather 4 Arrow, this Aloha All Day Everyday Tee tee is absolute perfection and totally Bella's style, girly and surfy all at the same time, and it's her favorite colors as well! It's also tag-less which is perfect since Bella is very sensitive to tags in her clothing. Bodhi will love this Aloha Fin Hacci Pullover Sweatshirt, he's really been loving sweatshirts this year and this color is going to be adorable on him. All their clothing comes with that super soft feel and their graphics are screen printed. A few Father 4 Arrow styles we are loving is this Lightning Chaser Hooded Sweatshirt, this Prism Pullover Sweatshirt, and this Lennon Terry Pink Tee. Head on over and check out all their designs HERE!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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