Guys will tell you they don't want anything for Christmas, but there's nothing better than surprising them with a gift (or a few)! I've compiled a list of some of my favorite gifts and some of our favorite brands this year that the guy in your life is sure to love. You can't go wrong with any of these gifts, and you're sure to find something for even the most difficult to buy for person in your life in my 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Him. Merry Christmas!

One of our most favorite locally based brands is Shreddelish! Not only do they promote the stoke, but their designs are awesome and they're just really rad people. You'll never see them without a smile on their face and their mission is keeping the stoke alive, so of course we vibe with their brand. I have a few of their products and love every single one of them, their Shaka Patch Beanie beanie I got last year is one of my most used hats, and I'm stoked to gift this Shreddelish Merino Wool Beanie this year! It's the perfect neutral which will go well with everything and it's super soft! I'm also super stoked about this Shred Myrtle Beach Tee! This is one of my most favorite designs (well, besides their original shaka design), he took the city of Myrtle Beach logo and switched it up to be a Shreddelish shirt! It doesn't get much cooler than that. Whether you're a local and want to rep your hometown pride (but a stoked up version) or maybe you're on vacation and want to get a tee to commemorate your visit but also want to support the local community, this tee is the way to go. You can also grab the matching sticker (here) and trucker hat (here)! If the original shred logo is more your style, grab this White Outline Shreddelish Tee and then sticker up your vehicle with this epic 10" Shred Sticker! My personal most used Shreddelish product (almost daily) are these Shred Hair Ties! These are hands down THE BEST hair ties I have ever used and if you're a guy or gal with long hair, these are a must have. I'll be putting these in stockings this year, along with this awesome Bamboo Hair Comb and Bamboo Surf Wax Comb. Head HERE to find all your Shreddelish favorites and support your local surf community!

When you're at the beach as often as we are, it's important to find ways to minimize and make your trips with smaller items, and when a product doubles as an extra change of clothing AND a towel, it's a win-win, and Nomadix makes some of the best sand repellent ponchos and beach towels ever! Their Changing Ponchos are something I 100% recommend to anyone to lives near the beach (or frequents lakes or pools a lot). There's nothing more difficult than trying to wrap a towel around yourself and simultaneously change from wet swimwear to dry clothing, this product makes it so much easier, undress underneath the poncho, and change into dry ones easy peasy... or you can make it even easier, and just wear the poncho home without adding the hassle of putting on dry clothes (we do this often since we are such a short drive home from the beach). I'm so excited to put this Changing Poncho in Agua Blue under the tree this year, I love the water look and it's such a pretty shade of blue, not to mention being super soft. It can also absorb 4x it's weight in water, ensuring you get nice and dry. This Original Towel in the North Swell 2 print is so beautiful and another item I am really stoked to wrap up and give. It's soft, absorbent, and like all of their products, dries 4x faster than traditional cotton terry towels. Nomadix products are also sand resistant, pet hair resistant, funky smell resistant, quick drying, and most importantly, better for the environment because they are made with certified post consumer recycled materials (90% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester).  Just one original towel equals 30 plastic water bottles, how cool is that?! They may fold up small, but make a big impact when drying. Find all your favorites from Nomadix HERE!

We may not be campers (for the moment), but we love being outdoors, we love hiking, walking on the beach, star watching... honestly most outdoor activities. We also live in a hurricane area, so it's super important to have a way to have light in case of emergencies (aka hurricane, tornado, etc.) so this Home & Camp Lantern from Snow Peak is something I'm super excited to give to my husband for Christmas this year. It's practical, functional, great to have on hand, and looks super cool too! With this lantern, you don't have to worry about keeping kerosene on hand to refill it with, and no fire worries if it tips over (which is especially nice when you have kids), because this LED Lantern is rechargeable! How handy is that? Depending on the brightness level you choose, your lantern can last anywhere between 4 hours and 24 hours before needing a recharge! It's 400 Lumens, comes with a USB charging stand, adjustable handle, and the light is dimmable (just hold the power button to change the brightness level). It weighs only 1.6 lbs. so it's super light weight and won't weigh your backpack down while you're adventuring, and also comes in 3 different colors, charcoal, white, and tan. Head HERE to get your own and check out all of the other awesome products that Snow Peak offers!

Every guy needs a good belt or two, and Mission Belt is my husbands favorite belt brand for the past 7 years running. They just blow everyone else out of the water, because they are such high quality and so unique. You may be wondering, what makes Mission Belt so great? They are comfortable, stylish, have a color and buckle combination for every occasion... but the biggest reason we love them is because their belts are fully adjustable! They are so easy to adjust and get just the right fit because of it. Ever had a belt that was too tight or too loose, the belt punch holes never seem to be in just the right spot and it makes it difficult to get the fit just right (especially if you lose or gain a few lbs. here and there as people often do). Mission Belt makes everyday life that much easier, because when your belt fits right (and you don't have it digging in to your sides or keep having to pull them up) your day goes right. Most belts often crack or break after a few months of repeatedly using the same spots of the belt to secure it, but with Mission Belt, you'll never have that problem! My husband has belts from them that have lasted for YEARS and are still going strong, so they are well worth every single penny invested in them because of their high quality. You may be saying "mission belt" and wondering about the meaning behind the name? Their mission is a awesome! One dollar for every single belt sold at Mission Belt fight hunger and poverty world wide through micro-lending! Since the beginning, Mission Belt has helped offer over 230,000 unique loans in over 81 countries world wide. Loans ranging from $25 to $500, helping people put food on their tables, start businesses and get on their feet to have a chance of a better life for families, a way out of poverty. There are millions of hardworking people dreaming of a better life and often the only thing holding them back is a little bit of money to get started. As Mission Belt Company often says... "It’s a hand up, not a hand out". When your pants stay up well, you'll have both hands to give a hand up because you won't have to use your hands to hold your pants up haha. Mission Belt not only makes the absolute best pants-holder-uppers around, but also offers a hand to those who need it which I love! I'm excited to put the Swat Black Belt, the Gun Metal Belt, and the Gold LUX Belt under the tree this year to add to his collection! Find all their belts HERE!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I truly think coffee makes the world's best gift for a coffee lover. It's a gift that can be loved, used, and enjoyed, but doesn't stick around to take up space in your home after being enjoyed. Coffee lovers start their day with a hot cup of coffee and sometimes enjoy it more than once in a day (iced coffee is the best in the afternoon), and half the fun of loving coffee is that there are so, many different coffees to try! The possibilities are endless when it comes to coffee, different roasts, blends, add ins, temperatures, origin countries, tastes... coffee truly is the infinite gift that comes in a million different varieties which is why I think it makes such an awesome gift! This year, I'm super stoked to give the gift from Twin Engine Coffee to my husband. It smells amazing, their packaging is super cool, and they have gifts for everyone (including non-coffee lovers). This Christmas he'll be finding 2 different Twin Engine coffees under the tree, their Elefante Reserve, which is made from rare maragogype beans, which are known for it's creamy, complex, and distinguished flavor profile. It's a specially, limited batch medium roast that isn't available all the time due to crop production. I'm also giving him their Elefante Black Edition. It's as they describe it "luxury in a cup" and I think it's perfect for Christmas. The Elefante Black Edition is also created with their maragogype beans and it's even more rare than the Elefante Reserve, the Black Edition is described as "the unicorn" of coffees and is sun-dried before roasting. This dark roast is unusually creamy compared to most coffees, and has the flavor profile of cacao and creme! If that doesn't sound like the perfect gift, well then I don't know what does. What if you're shopping for a tea lover, you say? Twin Engine has you covered with their Caturra Tea! Caturra Tea is the other drink made from the coffee plant! A delicious tea made from dried coffee fruits, it's full of antioxidants and also contains caffeine. Twin Engine also sells beautiful gifts perfect for accompanying their coffee, like this La Madre Coffee Scoop (made from coffee wood), their Leather BiFold Wallet (crafted from natural, full grain, Nicaraguan cowhide), and their Minimalist Leather Card Wallet. All of their coffees are grown in Nicaragua, are certified organic, and their business model is even better than fair trade certified meaning the growers and local coffee growing communities keep more of the profits (you can read more about the impact your purchase can have here). Head over to their website HERE to grab your favorite coffee!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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