Organization is something I'm really passionate about... but I'm just really bad at it. Haha. That could all change now though. A few months ago I came across a brand called Open Spaces while scrolling Instagram one day, and I was needless to say... obsessed.

I'm all about clean lines and neutral colors and well, I really, really love baskets to put things in (maybe a bit too much, to my husband's dismay lol), it makes organization so much easier and makes a space look pretty awesome too if you ask me. Open Spaces really knocks it out of the park by checking off all the boxes (literally haha) of things I love and look for when it comes to aesthetic and functionality in our home. They've got the nice neutral colors, natural wood lids for their containers, wire metal baskets... yep, pretty much perfection.

So first can we just talk about these containers and baskets? I love them, okay? For whatever is it that you need organized, they're gonna take your organization to the next level. I love these Medium Storage Bins for easy LEGO blocks storage and small Barbie accessories, these Small Storage Bins are absolute perfection for bathroom storage (they are pretty much perfect for skin care, makeup, and feminine products).

The thing I love most about baskets and bins is everything has a place. It makes staying organized so much easier because you have no excuse to not put something back in it's place and where it belongs, your home and space stays cleaner and your mind less stressed, and of course you always know where to look when you need that one thing, so you don't have to search your entire home for it and still not find it. Put it in a basket and easy peasy lemon squeezy, you automatically know where it is every single time!

These Large Wire Storage Baskets are also another favorite of mine from Open Spaces: they're just the right amount of classic mixed with modern, and great for storing blankets and bedding and clothing... they're just great, mkay?

But can we also just take a minute to chat about and appreciate this Entryway Rack? It's honestly the shoe rack of my dreams. Modern, crisp clean lines, super heavy duty and sturdy, high quality (no paint gonna chip off this beauty), and it holds shoes so nicely! I love that you can use this for so many things, from shoe storage to toy storage, to book storage, to bin organization, the possibilities are really endless!

If organization isn't your strong suit (and even if it is), you're gonna wanna head over to Open Spaces HERE to check out all of their awesome products (and beautiful colorways) and grab some for all your home organizing needs!

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