Happy almost weekend! It's been busy, busy, busy over here recently and I promise I'll share more soon and stop being so cryptic haha. There are big things in the works for our family and I'm so stoked to share in a couple of weeks! We've been trying to enjoy the autumn weather, but goodness am I ever NOT ready for full on cold. It was 35 degrees here a couple of mornings ago and I am just not here for that haha. I'm all about summer and autumn is nice too, but almost freezing weather, that's a big nope from me; about the only freezing thing I'm currently interested in hearing about is the chocolate gelato I got today from our favorite local gelato shop lol! Anyways, without further ado, here are some favorites we are currently loving! Hope you love them too!

If you've been around since before Bodhi was born, you might remember me sharing about PUJ before, we were big fans of the brand then and nothing has really changed, we still love their products! Their "Hug" hooded towels are at the top of our love list, they are just like being wrapped in a big cozy warm hug (even better if they're right out of the dryer) and the kids both adore them. It's their favorite part about getting out of the bath (because let's face it, getting out of the bath is never fun, but these make it not so bad), and they love getting all cozy in them. They'll sometimes stay wrapped up in them even after getting dried off and getting their pajamas on, they're cozy while watching a show or reading a book too! We currently have the Big Hug towels for both kiddos, and we also had the baby hug towels when Bodhi was an infant. Puj also makes kid sized washcloths (these Puj Fresh washcloths) that we also love for bath time! They're so crazy soft and I might even love them as much as the kiddos do haha! Another great product that we've always loved from Puj (and need to get a couple more in the future) are these Puj PhillUp Cups! They're perfect for drinking water, rinsing after brushing your teeth, washing kiddos hair, and even as bath toys (which I'm absolutely certain is bodhi's favorite use for them). Find Puj products HERE or at Target here!

We are an ocean family, there is no denying that. I love finding clothing that compliments that lifestyle and one day while scrolling Instagram, I came across the cutest little shop, Mom of a Grom! Of course I immediately was like ooooh over all of their adorable designs. Bella saw this Surf like a Girl tee and "needed" it, like it wasn't just a want, it was apparently a need. Haha. Some of her biggest role models that she looks up to are surfers (and skateboarders) like Bethany Hamilton and Sky Brown, so she is beyond stoked to wear this tee and also can't wait to learn to surf this next summer. I chose this SWELL toddler tee for Bodhi and I think it's just perfect for him! It's definitely going to be a staple in his wardrobe this next summer, and will even be great this fall and winter with a long sleeve tee layered underneath. They have all the cutest tees (and hats) for all of the little surfer and skater groms in your life, find all of their rad designs HERE and find their Instagram here!

Pehr has been a part of our family for literally years, since Bella was a teeny tiny toddler. I think I ended up winning a product of theirs in a giveaway on Instagram which is how I found out about them and it al just kinda spiraled from there (considering how many products of theirs we own at this point, but it's a good kinda spiral haha). Blankets, bedding, decorative pillows (I have a whale one I bought from them several years ago that I've been saving for when Bodhi finally has his own room), pillow inserts, mobiles, quilts, swaddles, bibs... we've pretty nearly had it all at one point or another haha. Their storage though... the bins and hampers and pints and I mean.... I could go on. I love those on  another level. They have been used for so many things over the years in our home, toy baskets, blanket and swaddle storage, skateboard helmet and protective gear storage, books, stuffed animals, accessories, and even pretend play! Bella and Bodhi love dumping the toys out and pretending that the big hamper storage containers are bathtubs and swimming pools, they love turning them upside down and using them for hide and seek, they're really just a great item with so many uses! I'm really excited about these new Daisy storage bins we've just added to our collection, they are so cute and have such a fun and whimsical look to them. We chose the Novelty Pint which is perfect for small throw blankets and favorite dolls, and this Novelty Mini size is absolute perfection for hair accessories, art supplies and favorite stuffies! Also, not that I needed another reason to love Pehr, buuuut they have also recently started selling clothing! Say whaaaat?! Yep, they now have the cutest little outfits and pajamas. Cue the excitement right there because pajamas are my jam! Bodhi's jam too apparently, he absolutely loves these little Rocketman Toddler Pajamas and asks to wear them constantly now, they're super soft so I really don't blame him, plus they are made from organic fabric which I love! Find all of the amazingness from Pehr HERE!

I first discovered kombucha about 7 years ago after a friend shared about it on Instagram, I tried it and have loved it as an occasional treat ever since! It's so good, a really great alternative to sodas and sugary drinks and it also has health benefits that I love. What I am not a huge fan of though is super strong tasting kombuchas. I've had a few here and there that tasted like straight up carbonated vinegar and needless to say, I wasn't in love with those haha. The milder tasting ones are more my vibe and the ones I tend to love the most, and I recently found a new kombucha brand that I dare say might be my most favorite kombucha brand ever! Rowdy Mermaid! Have you ever heard of them? I came across them and was of course my ocean loving soul was drawn to their name and logo, I mean, have you ever seen cuter branding? And the taste is even better! It's mild, but packed with flavor! The kids even love it, they think it's a super fun treat and I love that they can get some extra good live cultures for gut health when they drink it instead of sugar and artificial color filled garbage. Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha was created to be less sugary, less acidic, less "vinegary" and safer for your entire family, I think they truly knocked it out of the park with their taste and formulation (you can read more about the origins of Rowdy Mermaid HERE). Rowdy Mermaid was kind enough to send over a variety of their amazing kombuchas and we are fans for life! We have loved all of the flavors but a few of our favorites have been Savory Peach, Alpine Lavender, and Rowdy Belly (Bella and Bodhi's favorite), and on the top of the list of ones I really want to try is their Grapefruit Rise Kombucha, the not yet released Hibiscus Pulse, and their new Rowdy Mermaid Adaptonic sparkling immunity tonics! They also sell super rad merch, and this Rowdy Tee Shirt is one of my favorites that's currently in heavy rotation in my wardrobe, it's literally one of the softest tees I've ever owned and so comfortable! Find out more on their website here and find Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha at a location near you by using their store locater HERE!

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