Winter came early this year. Yesterday we woke up to several inches of snow covering the ground, the land covered in a thin blanket of white powdery snowflakes. It was absolutely beautiful; very cold, but so magical. Don't get me wrong, I'm still missing summer and all of our weekends spent at the lake, but since this should be our last winter living here in Pennsylvania I am also trying to embrace every bit of life (and seasons) here that I can (I do love snow, at least until Christmas day, after that it can go away for another year haha).

The littles were ecstatic with excitement over the snow. Bella kept exclaiming over and over again that it had snowed and there was SNOW, and Bodhi started chiming in and yelling "Doww" (snow). At first he didn't know what to think about it, but soon his timid-ness faded and he was charging into the snow, kicking it up, picking it up, and generally loving every single bit of life.

Bella made snowballs, threw snow, kicked snow, knocked snow off of bushes and trees, jumped into the snow, made lots and lots and lots of snow angels and ate even more snow (don't at me, I know it's not great for you, BUT it's a childhood tradition AND it brings her unimaginable joy).

They had a so much fun, our faces and hands froze but thankfully our bodies stayed warm from our coats and snowsuits. They didn't want to come back inside, and were so sad when it melted later that day... We had snow much fun, and who knows, maybe we'll wake up to snow again soon.

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