This post is contains some products that were gifted, as always I only share products and brands that align with our lifestyle and that we truly love.

When it comes to gift shopping for men, I feel like they're just generally hard to shop for haha. My husband has pretty much everything he wants or needs so I'm always on the hunt for unique finds, items that he'll use again and again, things that are consumable and products that are practical. Thankfully there are certain items that I know will be winners time after time and that he'll love no matter how many times he receives them (though I usually do try to find them from different places most of the time so he gets some variety). I can't wait to give these to him because I know he's going to love them! Oh, you'll also find some great discount codes below so you can save some dollars while supporting small shops this season! What will you be gifting this year?

If there is one thing my husband is, it's a rad dad. I first came across Banabae last Christmas but sadly it was too late to order in time for Christmas by the time I discovered them. This year I was prepared and Banabae was so kind to send over not only a Rad Dad tee but also a Five-Panel Rad Dad hat! I am so excited to give this to him because he's the best dad to our kiddos. He deserves the world but while I can't give him the world, this tee and hat (with it's embroidered design) are a close second! Banabae is based in Australia and every single thing they make and sell is literally gold, well, not actual gold gold, but gold in the sense that it's all amazing! This Rad Dad Tee is super soft, the perfect neutral tan color and so stylish with it's minimal design. Did I mention it's also made from 100% organic cotton? Not only will the dad in your life love this shirt, but Banabae also gives back to the earth for our future generations and with each purchase they donate a percent to the Australian Marine Conservation Society to help protect our oceans (which are so vitally important)! Use THEJOYFULTRIBE15 for 15% off at checkout!

Real maple syrup is one of our favorite sweet treat products we buy, we love it so much we even went to a maple syrup festival earlier this year and got to tour several maple syrup farms (visiting the sugar house and having them explain how everything is made was so cool), so when we tried Bushwick Kitchen Flavored Maple Syrup about 5 years ago, we were hooked. Bushwick Kitchen specializes in creating unexpected flavors and making products that are extraordinary yet simplistic, and I'm pretty sure they've knocked it out of the park with their entire product line! We love their unique flavors, minimal packaging (because I'm always a sucker for that sort of thing), and each batch is hand mad right here in the USA (in Brooklyn, NY). They make a perfect and unique gift for that person who has everything (because I mean, everyone needs syrup for their pancakes). They have so many flavors to choose from: like this amazing gingerbread maple, this butter maple, and this spicy maple (which I have a feeling is going to be delicious on chicken and waffles), plus they also have flavored honey and sriracha blends as well! Make sure to use THEJOYFULTRIBE for a 10% discount when purchasing!

Literally everyone needs soap, and it's one of those items you'll need to purchase again and again, so it always makes a perfect (and practical) gift for anyone you might know (especially for minimalists or anyone low on space in their home). It's a gift my husband never gets tired of receiving and I never get tired of giving. The great thing about soap, especially handmade soap, is that there are so many different kinds, so you can give the same gift over and over but each bar will smell different. I'm so excited to partner with Vanderwild Skincare this year to share about their handmade natural soaps! They use skin safe ingredients like unrefined coconut oil, shea butter, frankincense. cinnamon, sweet orange and clove essential oils in their Fireside Spice soap bar; and ingredients like lard, cocoa butter, bentonite clay, ground coffee beans, distilled water and sodium hydroxide (for ph control) in their True Grit soap bar. Both soap bars smell amazing and I love know that I can actually read and understand the ingredient list and not have to worry! Vanderwild Skincare is based in Utah and also have great hearts and offer discounts to all military (you just need to message them with military ID or proof of being a veteran), which includes active duty, reserve, guard AND veterans (which I love since my husband is a US Air Force Veteran). These soaps make perfect stocking stuffers or are great as stand alone gifts too! Use JOYFUL10 for 10% off at checkout! (excludes Christmas Bundle Boxes).

I ordered my husband a personalized wallet a few years back from Swanky Badger and he loved it so much, so when it came time that he needed another one, I knew just the place to go. Swanky Badger of course! We love their brand, and that you can personalize them with initials or last names, you can even put personalized writing inside! We chose the Classic Trifold Leather Wallet this time around and I was going to write something all lovey-dovey inside, but I decided to ask if there was a favorite quote or anything that he would like... and he came up with his... Que the laughing face emojis because I can't stop laughing. Obviously we are fans of the original Karate Kid movie as well as the new Netflix show, Cobra Kai. If you've watched it then you know the Cobra Kai dojo's motto is "strike hard, strike fast, no mercy". I just think it's hilarious that this is the quote he chose, but it also makes me smile because we love sitting together and watching it after the kids go to bed, so I know it reminds him of spending time with me (which is probably the real reason he wanted it). Swanky Badger has so many wallet styles to choose from, so many ways to personalize them, and so many more awesome products to choose from as well, plus their products are great quality! They're pretty much a one stop shop for all your men's personalized gifting needs! Use JOYFUL10 for a discount when purchasing all your personalized gifts from Swanky Badger!

Modern Burlap is one of those awesome shops where you kind of want one of everything because everything is just so goooood! We got some of the cutest swaddles from there last year but they also sell some awesome clothing as well, like pajamas! Not just for kids though, they have pajamas for the entire family, including dad! These men's pajamas are not only comfortable and look nice but they are also sustainably sourced and ethically produced, made from GOTS certified 100% organic cotton and created with non-toxic and eco-friendly dyes! I feel like it's so difficult to find nice pajamas for men and I'm so happy with these, plus they're very affordable at only $44 for the set, which is yet another reason to love them! I chose black for Frank because I tend to buy all the things in neutrals and I know he'll love the simple look, but if black isn't your jam, they have so many more amazing colors (and even some prints) to choose from! A few more reason's we love Modern Burlap is that they are a mama owned, women run, God driven business, they believe in loving your neighbor and spreading light at every turn... so how can you not love them? Grab the nicest pajamas here!

If your significant other is anything like my husband, then new underwear are always a welcome gift! My husband loves getting new underwear so I decided to try out a new brand for him this year and I'm super excited to gift these from SAXX Underwear to him! They have a new and revolutionary fit compared to most men's underwear with the addition of the ballpark pouch which is designed to accommodate male anatomy and reduce skin on skin friction (and you know, ahem, keep things comfortable and where they belong, as well as allow for natural support and movement. They're created with absolute comfort in mind and are even backed by a 45 day comfort guarantee! I chose the Daytripper Men's Boxer Brief (in black) and the Quest Boxer Brief (in dark charcoal II) for Frank, both are made with moisture wicking fabrics and come with SAXX famous Ballpark design, flat out seams, and fly. The Quest Boxer Briefs also feature odor resistance and an anti-roll waistband! If you're looking for a super practical gift these are it!

Coffee is my husband's absolute favorite, he starts his day off every single morning with a hot cup of coffee and sometimes even has a cup of iced coffee during the day, he loves it that much! Of course it's become my favorite go-to gift for him and I love searching out unique blends from small business owned coffee shops every year to gift to him. I came across High Tide Coffee Co. earlier this year on Instagram and being the ocean lover that I am, immediately fell in love with their entire brand. Their packaging and branding is so on point and aesthetic, their roasts smell absolutely divine and their other merchandise is honestly some of the coolest I've seen! Their Nicaragua Dark Roast is what he will be finding under the tree come Christmas morning, along with the coolest mug I've ever seen! Their Nicaragua roast comes freshly roasted and has cupping notes of caramel, hazelnut and grapefruit, and you can choose from multiple grinds or just the whole bean if you prefer to grind it yourself! The VW Bus Camper Mug is a perfect gift to pair with the coffee, and I seriously need to grab this Dawn Patrol Beanie for him too before Christmas gets here (that forest green color is epic). Grab some coffee at their online shop here, or if you're in the San Clemente CA area, stop by their coffee stop to grab your brew and gifts for everyone you know! Use JOYFULTRIBE10 for 10% off during checkout!

Who loves fresh breath? I'm preeetttty sure we all do haha, but did you know most conventional gums you see lining the shelves as you're standing in line at the checkout aisle are full of literal junk? Most chewing gum contains an ingredient simply known as "gum base", I mean what does that even mean? Crazy enough, the name "gum base" is actually code for 40+ ingredients, including PLASTIC! What! Seriously, I was just as shocked as you. I mean, I haven't really purchased gum consistently since I learned how harmful artificial sweeteners are, it's been probably 3 years since I've purchased gum at the store, but that doesn't mean I haven't missed it, because I definitely have (I've loved chewing gum since I was a kid). Thankfully I've found a great alternative with Simply Gum! They are a plastic free and artificial sweetener free gum! They use "chicle" in place of gum base which is a biodegradable tree sap (from the sapodilla tree, formerly known as the "gum tree") and natural cane sugar in place of aspartame! No artificial flavorings either, their flavors are all natural and created from earth derived sources like steam distilled essential oils and extracts! But what does it taste like you might ask? Well, I tried it out and I am happy to report that it tastes great just like any gum, better actually because you're not left with that gross aftertaste from the artificial sweeteners and flavors, just natural goodness. They also don't use any artificial colorings or coatings so don't expect to see white or brightly colored gum, the color comes from the chicle (tree sap) base and the cane sugar! Most of the ingredients used in making Simply Gum and Simply Mints are organic or wild-harvested (which is super rad), and I love that they kept the earth (and future generations) in mind when creating their packaging, their gum packaging is biodegradable and the little tins their mints come in can be upcycled and reused (they make perfect little containers for hair pins, safety pins, you could even use them to carry daily supplements in your pocket). Grab yourself some gum and mints here, they make the most perfect stocking stuffers! Use APRIL20 when purchasing for 20% off!


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