A Name Bubbles Holiday

We recently discovered Name Bubbles, a super fun brand made for helping label allllll the things AND help keep your life organized and in order. But why not go a step further than organization... So we've found some new ways to use these labels from Name Bubbles

Gift Tags! Yep, I said it, we've gone all Pinterest-y this year with our gift wrap and I just love the look that these simple labels used as tags bring to our gifts sitting under the tree.  Bella and I had a blast wrapping gifts together, well, I wrapped, and she stuck the labels on. These labels go great with the kraft brown paper, sprigs of evergreen, ribbons and white and gold bakers twine. I pretty much described every gift under our tree right now, since not one of them is wrapped the same as the other and I couldn't be happier.

These tags are also great for labeling mason jar cookie mix gifts when giving as gifts (I recently mentioned them over on my Instagram). Mason jar cookie mixes are such fun gifts to give and receive and my favorite thing is that while my little girl and I are making them together top give as gifts, we'll be making tons of memories that she'll remember her whole life; I used to help my mom make them so I have tons of great memories surrounding them). Even better? The memories keep on giving, because after you give them away with a cute hand written label, the family or friend who you gift it to will make memories with their own family while baking some delicious cookies. Who knows,  if you include an extra label, maybe they'll even make another mix up after using your mix and gift it to another friend. A gift that keeps on giving!

Keeping all of Bella's stuff in order is easy-peasy with the cutest name labels that ever existed. Just look at these little pink birdhouses with her name, and they also come in about a million different personalized options as well so you can choose from prints, solids, strips, florals, different shapes, you came it. Slap them on anything that needs her name on it when we're out and about, use them on birthday gifts to her, she can even use them in her books (she has about a million and books might be my absolute favorite as well as hers so I have a feeling that these will come in handy for that especially.

With Bella's nut allergy, I want to make sure she's always safe whenever she's at her grandparents or in Sunday school at church or even at home with us or is being babysat. So I grabbed some of these handy nut allergy labels to slap on her favorite nut free snacks and nut free foods to make sure she always has something good to eat, that's safe for her.

Lastly, before we know it, we'll be storing the Christmas decor all away again (believe me, I'm not rushing it, Christmas is my favorite time of year) and since I'm tired of forgetting what's in all of our storage boxes, I also got some of these big write on labels. I love the big size so you can't miss them on the box, and there's lots of space to write whatever is in the box. Seasonal decorations can be stored away and not have to open 5 boxes to find out what's inside. Also great for labeling anything that you need labels for. Paper file folders, casserole dish lids, storing and organizing craft supplies, winter clothes, sports equipment, etc.

If you need us, we'll just be labeling all the things until we run out of labels and have to order more. Make sure to use code TRIBE for 15% off your next Name Bubbles order!  Which labels do you like best?

I received product and compensation in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. :)

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