August Favorites

Wow! August has seriously just flown by! Here I was thinking it was only the middle of the month and when I looked at the calendar I was like "oh my goodness, how is it the end of the month already?!". August has been such a busy, but overall fun month around here: we took a trip to New York to do some furniture shipping for my step-daughter Tiffani to furnish her new apartment (I can't wait to share more about that in September) and we watched the solar eclipse from Presque Isle Beach at Lake Erie, it was also the month of my husband's birthday so that was celebrated with BLTs and a homemade dark chocolate fudge cake (don't worry, I'll share the recipe before too long). We're already looking forward to September's arrival and everything that it will bring, autumn coming and the start of pumpkin everything, a trip to Myrtle Beach and Charleston South Carolina for vacation and so much more! But anyway, August isn't quite over yet, so I'm sharing all my favorites from this month below!

What girl doesn't love cute shoes, right? I've loved Mon Petit Shoes for awhile and these original congnac soft soled T strap shoes are the absolute best color for autumn! Bella loves wearing them and is constantly asking to put them on whenever we get dressed for the day, they're so soft and comfortable. I can't wait to pair them with allll the colors of knee socks for fall this year. The care that goes into making each pair is such high quality and each pair is slightly unique since they're all made by hand! Mon Petit shoes was established in 2010 by Julie, a mama to two little girls and a mama who had a passion for cute footwear for little ones, footwear that was soft enough for a newborn to wear, all while being sturdy enough for everyday use by an on the go toddler! Pretty sure she she has gotten it perfected.

If anyone ever had a thing for stripes, would be me, especially when it comes to black and white stripes. I pretty much buy all the things in white, black, gray, mint, brown or black and white stripes, I'm pretty predictable when it comes to choosing colors haha, but this bag is anything but predictable, it's literally perfection and I can't tell you how many compliments I've gotten on this sweet bag from Seaport Stitches while wearing it out lately. Chelsea, the owner and seamstress behind Seaport Stitches, learned how to sew while her oldest child was just a baby (she was even self taught!), and she was looking to create diaper bags that were not only functional, but durable and stylish as well (which is great since when Bella was a baby, all I could find at the store were character printed diaper bags that just weren't my style). I just love the simple, straightforward and fashionable feel to these bags. Now I just need the matching key chain and clutches she makes too!

Bella rarely ever wants to wear anything but dresses anymore, and these sweet dresses from Little Cottonwood arrived a few days ago, they're just perfection! Such timeless prints (both the yellow square and especially that lovely black and white buffalo check) and both  pieces will transition effortlessly into autumn layered with tights or knee high socks, and a cardigan or even a long sleeve shirt. The fabric of these dresses feels almost linen-like, they're great quality and feel as if they could be worn often and passed down to another child once it's outgrown. We've loved their wooden toys in the past since we purchased their wooden toy doctor set last year as a gift for Bella and we're such fans of their clothing as well now! I already can't wait to see what they'll release for autumn!

We just love hair accessories around here, typically we're all about hairbows but we've recently just discovered how much we love hair clips! We simply love these sweet little hair clips from Ryan and Wren! They're perfect for pulling the loose stands of hair out of Bella's eyes without having to entirely redo her hair, or even to put in her hair from the get go! Just look how cute they are, they kind of remind me of all the hair clips i was obsessed with as a child, but they're way cuter! I'm already looking forward to her autumn collection dropping soon and I'm super excited to have curated a collection that I'll be giving away over on my Instagram soon, they're all so perfect for autumn and you don't want to miss it! Make sure to take advantage of her 5 for $20 bundle deal when ordering clips too!

Probiotics are part of our every day routine around here I noticed so many things that taking probiotics has helped and they have so many great health benefits! I've been taking some of the LoveBug brand probiotics for the past couple of months and I've definitely noticed a difference in my health. I've yet to take the "here's the skinny" and but I'e been popping the "Cold's Suck" probiotics like crazy the past week since I'm fighting a cold, and the "yeast is the beast" probiotics which are specifically designed for women in mind, have been great as well! It's designed to fight yeast and urinary infections, formulated with 5 strains of lactobacillius probiotics and enhanced with cran-gyn and vitamin C. Make sure to check out their new product, "Labor of Love" made specifically for expecting and breastfeeding mamas.

When re-doing Bella's bedroom (which I'll be sharing more about soon, so beyond excited for that), I wanted to lighten it up a little bit, but also keep it feeling natural so I was drawn to jute rugs for her space. I'm such a fan of the layered rug look, I feel like it gives off such a cozy vibe and this natural bleached jute rug from Plush Rugs has been such a dream in her bedroom! It instantly made her space feel so much more cozy and "put together" as soon as we rolled it out in her bedroom and it couldn't be more perfect. If you need a rug for any space in your home, Plush Rugs is definitely the place to head, they have any style of rug you might want or need, in nearly alllll the sizes and so many colors, brands and styles to choose from, enough to fit any budget (I have a feeling I'll be heading to their website anytime I need new rugs). Plus, if you need any decor to go with your new rug from Plush Rugs, their sister-site, HedgeApple, has all the decor and furniture you'll ever need!

Bella simply loves dolls at this age right now, she's constantly having tea parties and campfires with s'mores for her dolls on a daily basis. Usually it's her knit dolls she seems to reach for most often, we just got this "splash" the cat knit doll from Blabla kids and she has hardly put it down since it arrived. Outside for playtime, indoor playtime, bedtime, just for snuggles during the day, she loves this little doll. I love how great the quality is, and also how soft (it's seriously so soft) and cozy it is, and the fact that it's so adorable! I have a feeling that our collection of knit dolls is just going to keep growing and growing and growing with each year that passes. It's the perfect huggable size, but their knot dolls also comes in smaller sizes (for babies) and they even have extra large knit dolls, pillows, and other fun items!

What have you been loving so far this month?

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