Farmhouse Dining Room Reveal

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This room reveal has been in the works for what feels like forever and I am so excited to finally be able to share the details of the whole room with you all! Last year our dining room started rather bare, all white walls, a laminate wood table, and wooden chairs. You could definitely say that it's taken on a different look these days, but we are also really loving all of this change!

The first addition to the room was our handmade farmhouse table. I knew that I for sure wanted a white painted wood plank farmhouse table with black hairpin legs but I couldn't find one for sale anywhere. I seriously searched the entire internet and then searched it two or three times more, I googled everything and not one ever came up, so I finally decided the only option was to have one made! Last year at a local center for the arts (it's almost like a little art museum but with art classes as well, seriously the coolest place) I came across a wooden cutting board in the gift shop one day and decided to snap a photo of the carpenter's info  thinking it might come in handy if I ever wanted to get something built one day. I was glad I did seeing as how I ended up contacting him a few months later and before we knew it, our custom table was being built! 30 inches wide, 60 inches long, hand crafted from solid oak, distressed like crazy and painted white. It's the prettiest little table and my husband and I (and Bella of course too) just love it. It's the first piece of furniture we've ever had custom built just for us, so it's a pretty special table that I know will last us for years to come. Down the road, when we eventually purchase a house, we'll probably have a larger dining room and will have a bigger table built, and then this one will either be a desk or a crafting table, but it's the perfect fit for our little dining room right now. If you're ever needing anything built and you live in Pennsylvania or Ohio, we definitely recommend chatting with Ben from Springfield Woodworks to create your custom piece!

Next up: Chairs, our old wood chairs just weren't cutting it with the new table. I mean, suppose I could have made them work if I had to (and if I had chalk painted them) but a new table needs new chairs. I think so anyway haha. I'd had my heart set on these white Walker Edison brand distressed metal cafe chairs from over at Bed Bath & Beyond for practically forever and the nice team over at Bed Bath & Beyond were kind enough to send some our way! Talk about excited, when they arrived it was pretty much the best day ever! They were so easy to screw together, we got 6 of them altogether (5 for the table and 1 for the computer in the other room) and it took me less than an hour to bolt the backs on all 6 of them by myself. They completely changed the atmosphere of the room and they're really sturdy! I was originally planning on going with Eames style chairs (you know, the kind that are white plastic on top and have wooden legs) and though I still like those kind, I'm really glad I decided to go with these metal cafe chairs instead, they match so nicely and the farmhouse style just flows with them.

Now I mean I love white walls, but I felt that the walls were a little lacking in our dining room, I knew I wanted to keep it light, airy, fresh and simple, but it needed something to make it pop and give it a little wow factor. So that's where wallpaper came in to play. Devine Color Stick and peel wallpaper that is (available at Target),I mean what's better than subway tile? I might be just a liiiiitle obsessed with this wall now that it's covered in white subway tile. Not only did it give the room that wow factor (it's one of the first things that people notice and always comment on when they walk into our home) but since the pattern goes all the way to the ceiling it brings the eye up and actually makes the room feel larger! We just love the texture and dimension it brings to the room.

Next on my to-do list was finding the perfect rug for under the table. Who'd have thought that would be such a tough job. I knew I definitely wanted a jute rug for the space (they're just so simple and pretty), something that was lighter in color but not too light (since we'll be eating above it so often), and something that fit just right. Since most jute rugs only come in size 5x8, none of those were options for us, seeing as our space only allows for a 5x7.5 size rug at most. Finally, after months of searching I came across this beauty of a rug (the Loloi Edge Ivory Area Rug) from over at AllModern! It's the perfect rug, I really love the feel and look of the jute, and was actually (pleasantly) surprised to find once it arrived that it also had strips of leather woven in as well! It really gives off a farmhousey, yet beachy feel which just love, and my husband says he likes the way it feels on his feet, so I guess it's a win-win, haha. This rug is so unique and would also be great for a loving room or bedroom (if we ever decide to move it), for the moment we're loving it in the dining room. AllModern has so many cute rugs to choose from that you'll have no problem finding the perfect rug for your space over there.

The scalloped zinc side table is a piece that I've loved ever since I spied it on Fixer Upper quite awhile back, and then my friend Megan (from A Blessed Nest Blog) furthered my obsession even more. This piece is from the sweetest little shop, A Cottage In The City, located in New York and also online. The boutique is filled with curated goods that fit perfectly into a farmhouse or cottage style home, or even if you just like unique finds for your home, they simply have so many pretty items to offer. I'm fairly certain I startled the UPS delivery man a little bit with how fast I ran  outside to get this the day if arrived haha. It was super easy to put together, it only took Frank and I (along with Bella helping of course) less than 30 minutes! This scalloped side table from A Cottage In The City is nice and sturdy and can go in practically any room, dining room, kitchen, living room, entryway, used as a nightstand in a master bedroom, or even in a large bathroom. It just adds such a sweet (and really unique) touch to any room and we love it. It's definitely a statement piece and a conversation starter, everyone always wants to know where it's from! I'm planning on decorating it op top for all the different seasons and holidays, it's quite perfect for that.

Lastly, a large chalkboard is something that has been on my wishlist for a very long time, so naturally I was thrilled when I ran the idea by Frank and he was on board with it too! Originally we planned on making one ourselves, but let's be honest, who has the time lol. I scoured Etsy (and world market and Anthropologie) for the perfect chalkboard (that didn't also cost an arm and a leg) for quite awhile until I eventually (abit accidentally) found this one through a shop on Instagram! Mandi from over at Rustic Scraps is seriously the sweetest and custom made this chalkboard in the exact specifications I needed for our dining room wall and we're absolutely loving it. It's so much fun to write on and I love waking up to sweet notes from Frank on it, those are always so special and one of my favorite things. Another reason I love this chalkboard is that it kind of matches our table, and well, you know that white is pretty much my most favorite color.

Another small touch that always makes a room seem more special to me are fresh flowers, I love to try and always have some on the table, I feel that they just make a room so fresh and filled with a homey warmth. I also picked up some little white planters not too long ago (they were less than $1 apiece at IKEA) and filled them with some tiny plants I bought during our recent trip to the greenhouse, I plan to eventually fill them with herbs that I can also use when I'm cooking in the kitchen (basil and parsley are two of my favorites to always have on hand), but for the time being, I'm loving these little fairy plants. And then who doesn't love a big basket of fresh fruit to snack from during the day (this basket was actually Bella's Easter basket and we've re-purposed it), we've only recently started keeping a fruit basket and I'm really liking always having fresh fruit on hand (and the clementines are Bella's absolute favorite). The seasonal fruits and vegetables poster from Young America Creative, the candle from Wax & Wool Etc., the heirloom recipe box from Rifle Paper Co., the floral tea towel from Anthropologie, and the measuring spoon set from Magnolia Market are a few other favorites that we've picked up over the last year or so and are loving.

This was such a fun room to work on these past 6 months (wow, I can't believe it's been that long since I first started on it) and I'm thrilled to finally have it done. It's become one of my favorite spaces in our home (I think I say that a lot, since all of our home has become my favorite but this room especially), there's nothing like gathering the family around the table for a delicious dinner and family time. There has already been so much laughter and love gathered around our table, good food eaten and special moments shared in this room, and I'm sure countless ones in the future. Happy Thursday Friends!

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