Tribe Favorites: Abram & Isaac

Mail days when cute packages arrive from handmade shops are always my favorite. This past week when a sweet package from Abram & Isaac arrived was no exception. Inside was the cutest little polka dot dress and wooden toy camera! Seriously excited to get my hands on these two items and they're even more perfect in person than they are online!

Abram & Isaac just released their new line of dresses for little girls, filled with so many pretty and colorful florals, and of course our favorite, black and white polka dots (you know I can never pass up black and white dots). The dresses come in either short sleeve or (like we chose) the 3/4 sleeve option which is perfect for transitioning from colder months into springtime, they're also a really lovely length! I'm simply in love with the fabric of this dress, not only the print, but the weight and feel of it, it's oh so soft, perfect for delicate little girl's skin. It's also better for them since only sustainable organic fabric and non toxic dyes are used, making is safer for your little one (as well as the environment and world we live in) by keeping harsh chemicals and pesticides away! Made from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Jersey Knit! So not only is it soft and perfect for your book reading and doll playing little girl, but since it's a stretchy fabric, it's also great for little girls who love to run and jump, ride bikes and climb trees! Who knows, maybe you little girl is like mine and likes to sit and read books AND run and play outdoors, in that case it's doubly perfect for them!

Since it arrived, Bella has not stopped playing with the little white wooden camera, we chose the white option but its also available in golden yellow and pink. Though they're all beautiful, I just loved the clean lines and neutrality of the white option. These sweet little cameras are handcrafted using maple wood, non toxic paint, brass screws and faux leather straps. They're really high quality, I feel like my little girl will get years of play out of this little toy and I especially love how it promotes real organic imaginative play. No electric or batteries or flashy lights or loud noises to distract her (or annoy me, let's be honest haha) this is just the real deal, old fashioned playtime. Though we have owned a toy wooden camera in the past, this one blows our other one out of the water, and Bella has already played with it more since we received it recently than she has played with the other one in the past two years. I accredit that to my two favorite features of this camera: the faux leather strap (she loves partly for convince when playing and partly because mama's camera has a strap), and even better, is the "picture taking button", you all, it actually can be pushed while "taking photos", she immediately fell in love with that feature of the camera and so did I, it makes it feel that much more "real" for an imaginative child. As a side note, this little camera makes an excellent Easter Basket addition or a stocking stuffer later this year. :)

I simply love the high quality and heirloom feel to these items offered by Abram & Isaac, and the fact they're made using materials that are organic, non toxic and sustainably sourced materials. They're also made here in the USA, in Portland, Maine, so that's just another reason to love this brand. Each item is lovingly, made to order and hand sewn by fellow mama, Elizabeth, using the highest quality organic fabrics and puts so much attention into each and every detail of these pieces of clothing for your little one. From the softness, to the stretch, each item is created with with your child in mind, and the fabric used in creating these sweet pieces is also pre-washed and pre-shrunk to ensure that there is no shrinkage when you wash and dry it after a long day of play. I just love that I'm supporting a fellow mama, essentially helping put food on the table by choosing to shop small and shop USA made.

A few other items from Abram & Isaac that I love, just look how cute these Grey Pine Tree Cuffed Leggings are for little boys! And this Flora Pink Frilly Top for girls, I seriously can't get enough of this cuteness! If you're expecting a little one soon, now is the time to grab some of these essentials, and if your little one wears anywhere from size 0 to size 5T head over and snag some pieces now, you (and your little one) will absolutely love these!

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