Easy Kids Room Style with Lorena Canals

When it comes to rugs for little ones rooms, nothing beats Lorena Canals rugs. Not only to they have so many options to choose from to match practically any decor, theme and room color(s), but they're washable! Y'all, that is a major game changer for us. I can't count how many times Bella has accidentally spilled something on her rug, or had an accident on her rug while potty training, or even the time or two when she ground cookies into the rug (lol), and all I had to do was throw it in the washing machine and into the dryer afterwards! No having to rent a carpet shampooer or hire steam cleaners and it really has made life so much easier for this already busy mom.

All the rugs that Lorena Canals offer fit into a standard sized washing machine and dryer so you don't even have to cart it to the laundromat, you can clean it right at home! What's better than machine-washable? These rugs are natural too! They are handmade and only dyed using natural dyes, plus they're eco friendly and contain no VOCs like most carpeting and rugs.

Designed in Spain and made in India, Lorena Canals rugs aren't just for kiddos spaces, they can be great for adult spaces as well! A bedroom, a kitchen, or even a large bathroom, the sky is the limit on where these rugs can go! And on top of all that, they're a feel good purchase too! A portion of proceeds from every single rug sold, go to the Sakula Project, which helps provide schooling and education for children in India!

Lorena Canals Rugs are loved by many celebrity moms (Vogue actually chose Lorena Canals Rugs as the top product for nurseries) as well as myself and many of my own mom friends. It's one of my favorite items in Bella's room just because it's so functional and can be cleaned so easily, looking so fresh each time it's washed and dried and oh so soft and fluffy( just like new again) afterwards! This is an item that's always going to be one of my top recommendations for new moms and would have definitely been on my baby registry if I had known about them when I was expecting Bella.

We previously had this purple flower one, and loved it! Recently we decided to change Bella's room up a little bit and I chose this pretty grey scalloped rug with white polka dots for a more neutral look and we simply love it! It looks so pretty in Bella's room and it's oh so soft. I definitely can't recommend Lorena Canals enough if you're looking for a new rug for your little one's room or any space in your home!

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