What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I am so excited to bring you another installment of "What I'm Loving Wednesday" a weekly post that will list some things from the past week that I am loving, can't live without, on my wish-list, or are things I am plain obsessed with - and I will even add links (when applicable) so you can check out or scoop up anything you love too!
If you're new and haven't seen a WILW post before, here's a little about them: What I'm Loving Wednesday is one of my favorite ways for me to showcase some of my favorite products, tell about something fun that happened, show you what I'm crushing on, highlight some of my favorite blogs and instagram feeds and a great way for you to find all kinds of great new products to buy or people to follow! I am so excited about What I'm Loving Wednesday and it is going to be a BLAST! I hope you  will follow along! Today features a little bit of everything! Read all about what I'm loving this week below!
We discovered RozSew bonnets a few months ago and instantly fell head over heels in love! I'm already a huge bonnet lover anyway, so it was easy to love their sweet designs. But the thing that drew me to them most, was the fact that you can completely customize your child's bonnet! Made by two sweet ladies, Bug and Ash, no two bonnets are alike. You choose the design, the style, the size, the fabric combinations the trimmings and even if you want to add a pompom on top (and what color you what your pompom to be). The combinations and possibilities are endless, and each bonnet is made with the highest quality and best fabrics. Bella loves hers and requests to wear it everywhere. I chose the Rose Winter Bonnet for Bella with "Bonfire" (a beautiful dark grey) as the main fabric and the "dark grey pinstripes" for the binding. I also wanted it to be extra soft and warm since Pennsylvania winters can be very cold, so I chose the warm/thick lining, and then of course finished it with a white pom! Bonnets can be customized for girls OR boys and I already can't wait to get Bella a pretty little floral bonnet for springtime! I want to mention that today is the last day to order before Bug & Ash close for the remainder of the year (they'll be re-opening in January) so hurry and get your order in! We love our RozSew bonnet and know that your little one will too!
Two | BarkThins
Have you ever had these things?! Goodness are they ever delicious. Once you open a bag, it's so hard to close it up and not eat the entire thing, but at the same time, it's so nice to reach in the bag and get one piece per day. My two regular flavors that I've tried are Dark Chocolate Pretzel (I have this thing with chocolate and pretzels) and Dark Chocolate Almond. Their holiday flavor Dark Chocolate Peppermint Pretzel is simple to die for as well! And their products are also non-gmo and fair-trade certified so that makes them even better, these make some sweet stocking stuffers!
This was my one splurge purchase this black Friday / cyber Monday weekend. I simply adore all things floral and this shower curtain is absolute perfection! I've been wanting to switch the look of our bathroom up for awhile now, but if you know me, when it comes to tings like this, I won't buy just any old shower curtain. It took me months to find our last one (that has pretty purple flowers and green stalks on a white background) and I would rather live with what we already have that needs replacing than live with buyers remorse haha. So when I spotted this one on Pinterest a few months back and couldn't stop thinking about it, I knew we had to have it. I definitely was excited to see the holiday sales and scooped it super quick. I can't wait to share our new bathroom look once it's finished.
I'm over here thinking to myself that we are going to be needing a calendar for the new year and this one looks to be like the perfect one. It's so pretty with such a nod to spring and the new year with it's floral print. Definitely on my "to buy" list now. Don't forget to check out those sweet alphabet and number flash cards she sells as well!
Five | Pentatonix Christmas Albums
I cant stop listening to Pentatonix Christmas albums, but can you blame me? I just love the simplicity of their voices with no instruments (though on some songs you an hardly tell). their harmonies blend so beautifully together and Bell and I have them on repeat since about a week before Thanksgiving. "Mary Did You Know?" and "White Winter Hymnal" are two of my favorites.


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