Gearing Up For Halloween With Beck & Belle

Goodness can you even believe how fast this year has gone by? Nope, neither can I. And there's no way that Halloween is only 20 days away, right? Wrong. I'm in supergirl (also one of my new favorite shows) mode over here and trying to get things done at lightning speed so I can to get things ready for Halloween. Oh, did I mention I'm making Bella's costume this year?
We were almost going to do two costumes but we decided that one costume is a good choice lol so this year, Bella is going to be... wait for it... drum roll please...
A Kitty Cat!
And a mighty adorable kitty cat at that. Lots of sparkles, black tights, a black long sleeve shirt, those elusive black and gold old navy kitty flats, a homemade black tutu and black velvet handmade cat tail. And then of course we can't forget the finishing touch.
Cat Ears from one of our most favorite shops, Beck & Belle!
We've been fans of Beck & Belle for what seems like forever, they're one of the brands I go back to time after time to get the most adorable hair accessories and holiday bows, ears and antlers. Oh, yep, Christmas is coming up and if you don't have antlers already Beck & Belle is the place to get them from, I wrote a blog post about them (found here) and if you haven't already, head over and check it out to get yourself excited for Christmas.
But I'm getting off track here, Halloween is next and we're mighty excited for trick or treating this year, us and our little kitty cat, maybe I should dress up as a crazy cat lady to match her? Bahahaha, but in all seriousness, I'll most likely just end up wearing my matching cat ears with her, you didn't think I forgot to buy myself a pair too did you? These ears are the most adorable cat ears on the market and every mama should match her mini in my opinion. And did I mention that these are glitter cat ears? All the heart eyes over here.
We chose the plain cat ears, but you can also purchase them with flowers, how cute right? Just choose which the style you want as you're adding them to your cart!
Another sweet (and new!) item that Beck & Belle is offering this year are the "Dalmatian" Dog Bow! Kind of looks like ears, kind of looks like a hairbow, it's really kind of a combination of both, and they're super cute. I can already foresee so many puppy costumes designed around these!
We love all of the bows and hair accessories that Beck & Belle has to offer and we know that you will too! Just a reminder that TODAY is the LAST RESTOCK of cat ears and also your last chance to get the Dalmatian doggy hairbow before they're gone until next year, and also you last chance to order to get them in time for Halloween! Hurry and head over to Beck & Belle before it's too late, and... Happy (almost) Halloween!

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