A Day At The Farmer's Market With Pine + Honey

Lately, Bella and I just can't seem to get enough of dresses. We're a little obsessed, and have you seen the dresses from over at Pine + Honey Handmade? We. Are. In. Looooove.
And that's putting it lightly. There's nothing better than simple yet beautiful designs in my opinion. Minimal, but beautiful. Like this schoolgirl dress in the color spruce, from Pine + Honey. And it was the perfect dress to spend some time in at one of the local Farmer's Markets. We chose a ton of pumpkins for our home (hubby says we have enough now, but I'm still not sure lol). I love that Bella is just as pumpkin obsessed as I am, not too long ago she was overheard saying to her Daddy (after he said it was still too early for pumpkins) "it's never too early for pumpkin Daddy!". Clearly, I'm doing something right. Haha. We also looked over all the jams and jellies that were for sale and both Bella and I are pretty sure we need to go back for that local Amish made pumpkin butter. And a few acorn squash came home with us as well!

This dress is the perfect color for transitioning seasons as it grows cooler, it works perfectly for both autumn and winter, and its the perfect dress to wear on Thanksgiving AND Christmas. It's handmade in the PNW (the great state of Oregon to be exact) by the sweetest owner of Pine + Honey, Sydney. Made from "spruce" colored cotton fabric with a lined bodice, 3/4 sleeves (which can be customized to be longer or shorter when ordering), and real wooden buttons. You guys, those wooden buttons on little girl's dresses just get me every single time. Oh, and it comes in sizes 3 months through 4T.
It's perfect for both casual wear and special occasions, such a classic little dress. Can we worn to the farmer's market for an  everyday wear, or to church like I'm sure it will be worn many times. There is really no occasion that this dress isn't perfect for.
Sydney creates each piece in the Pine + Honey line with three words in mind... Design. Durability. Love.

And she believes that the grannies and aunties of olden times had it right, when they went to work creating for little ones as soon as they found out that a new bundle of joy was on the way. There's something just so special about handmade items, items that were crafted with such love and care, don't you agree?

Oh! Before I forget, because we seriously can't forget to mention these amazing hairbows she also sells! These classic bows are going to be some new favorites, I can feel it already, because they're some of the prettiest hairbows I've ever laid eyes on. The Fall Floral Classic Bow? Give them alllllll to me. Lol. But in all seriousness, that fabric is gorgeous! And we're loving the golden autumn hue of the Umber Classic Bow as well. So, so pretty!
A few other items Pine + Honey offers: If you have any special occasion coming up for your little girl, The Heirloom Dress is a MUST! And the Navy Plaid Schoolgirl Dress is pretty much absolute perfection as well (there's only ONE left so someone better snag it up soon!). You won't be disappointed with anything you purchase from Pine + Honey, everything is such high quality and beautiful. What piece is your favorite?


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