The Best Housewarming Gift Basket List

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Ahhh moving... It's one of those occasions that calls for something special. And something special calls for a cute housewarming gift basket, especially when it's for family! Thankfully, it's not us moving this time (packing all those boxes again can wait a couple more years lol), but my lovely stepdaughters Kristi and Tiffani! Housewarming gift baskets are perfect for so many occasions and really for everyone: The young adult headed off to college, the couple or single mother moving into their own home, newlyweds,  new homeowners, and those who have just brought a new baby home. My particular house warming gift care basket is for, as I mentioned before, my stepdaughters Kristi and Tiffani: Kristi is a young single mother buying her first home so this is perfect for her, filled with some of the necessities that really bring a home together in the first few weeks after moving in, and since Tiff is heading back to college soon, but also moving in with her sister, it's perfect for her too!
We were at Walmart yesterday (as it seems we always are lol), and I came up with the idea of a housewarming gift basket, and decided to grab some of my favorite home essentials to throw in there. I spied the new Quilted Northern® Ultra Soft & Strong® with Cleanstretch (9 Mega Rolls) when we were strolling down the toilet paper/paper towel aisle and grabbed that first thing, because, let's be honest... I don't know anyone who doesn't use that stuff lol. Toilet paper is a life staple for sure.
But in addition to toilet paper, what are some thing that go well in a housewarming gift basket? Here's a list below of some of my favorite things to include in gift baskets and are all things that I personally would enjoy receiving, so you know they're good! Lol.
• Soy Candles
• Natural Dish Soap
• Kitchen Sponges
• Kitchen Hand Towel
• Cookies (in a cute reusable mason jar)
• Basket or Crate (can be reused for storage)
• Sparkling Lemonade
• Wine
• Small Batch Coffee Grounds or Beans
• Homemade Pie
• Fresh Flowers
• Natural Household Cleaners
• Fair Trade Chocolate
• Farm Fresh Organic Eggs
• A Gift Card
• One Pot Pasta Meal
• Paper Towels
• Organic Spices
• Magazines or A Cook Book
• Potted Live Herbs (these are perfect for the kitchen window sill)
• Flavored Olive Oil
• Fresh Made Bread
• Locally Made Cheese
• A Throw Blanket
• Artisan Hand Soap
• Wooden Spoons
• Fresh Produce (from your garden or the farmer's market)
I love this Quilted Northern® Ultra Soft & Strong® toilet paper especially because it's so soft, I also love that it's a Mega roll! It is a 4X bigger roll (*than Quilted Northern® regular toilet paper rolls) so you don't have to worry as often about refilling the roll! And with the 9 mega rolls package (like we purchased), the Quilted Northern® Ultra Soft & Strong® with Cleanstretch mega pack offers the opportunity to keep the home and bathroom fully stocked and organized at all times so you don't have to worry about running out, last minute get-togethers or sudden guests! You'll always be ready for whatever life throws your way!
In addition to the Quilted Northern® Ultra Soft & Strong® toilet paper, the other things I grabbed to add to the housewarming gift basket (or crate) for my stepdaughters are sparkling lemonade, cookies in a mason jar, fresh flowers, my favorite natural dish soap, kitchen sponges and a hand towel that matches Kristi's wine themed kitchen decor, a soy candle, fresh flowers... Oh! And a cute little chalkboard!
Do you know someone who is moving soon or is starting a new chapter in their life? The best way to celebrate is by giving them a housewarming gift or care basket! I'd definitely recommend the Quilted Northern® Ultra Soft & Strong® toilet paper first off. What else from the list would you include in your basket? Sound off in the comments below and let me know! :)


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