Our Favorite Chicken & Waffles

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It's no secret that kids love coloring. Crayons and children go together like peas and carrots, donuts and coffee and cookies and milk. It's an age old fact. But coloring sometimes requires great energy when they're creating that masterpiece to hang on the fridge or send to grandparents. And energy requires protein! So that's where chicken and waffles comes in! Bet ya didn't see that one coming lol. But let's be serious here for a minute.
Do you know any child who doesn't love chicken tenders? I can almost guarantee that your answer will be "no". Because children love chicken. A toddler says they don't want to eat something so you tell them it's chicken, and most of the time they will eat it lol. And kids also love waffles! I know my daughter does, and if I'm correct, most parents do as well (I know I do).

Let's face it... waffles are pretty awesome! They're easy to eat and a super fast and convenient meal option for sure. And Eggo is the brand we know, love and trust in our home! We like to eat Eggo waffles regular, and we also like to get creative with them (aka chicken and waffles). If you're in a rush with the busy-busy-busy-go-go-go and hustle and bustle of the back to school season, you can count on Eggo to be there for you, and Crayola too! Your kid can get creative and be a kid in between soccer practice and shuffling off to class, or after homework while you make these delicious chicken and waffles for the family! With Crayola and Eggo partnering together, you can fuel not only their bodies, but their minds as well! Oh! And you can get some super fun savings too! Right now at all stores, if you purchase 3 participating Eggo products with Crayola packaging you get $5 off of Crayola products! Just make sure you grab them before they fly off the shelves and before September 30th when this pretty cool promotion ends. But don't worry, there will be more info coming so look for it in the Target Circular Ad during the first week of September. Another great thing is that this promotion is valid in all stores, so no one misses out! Yay!
Okay, so before I forget, let me share my chicken and waffles recipe here real quick. It's fairly simple and the results are truthfully mouthwatering.
Maple Syrup
Chicken tenders
Corn oil
2 cups Flour + 1/2 teaspoon Salt + 1 teaspoon Pepper
3 Eggs (+ 1/2 cup Milk optional)
Fill a skillet with about 3/4 inch corn oil and heat up. In a separate bowl, combine eggs and milk and whisk together (I combine the eggs and milk in a dish like I would if I was making scrambled eggs). In another bowl, combine your flour, salt, pepper and mix together thoroughly with a fork. Once your oil is hot, take your chicken tenders and bathe them in the egg and milk wash, once covered, then lay them in the dish with the flour mix. Cover them with the flour mixture and then drop them gently into the hot oil. Let them cook until they start to brown on one side and then flip them. I cook them until they're browned nicely and usually break one open to make sure it's done inside too before we eat them and before turning off the stove. The cooking times will vary depending on the temperature of your stove and oil so make sure they're done before you turn your oil off. I lay them to cool on a plate covered in a few layers of paper towels to rid the excess oil and so they'll cool off fast and easily. Make yourself some Eggo waffles as the chicken is cooling off and once they're done throw some chicken on top and cover in maple syrup. So much yum!

We found our Eggo waffles in the frozen section while strolling through Target and noticed the $5 off Crayola products promotion going on, and as a parent of a toddler, we just couldn't pass that up. I mean, does anyone even know how many crayons a child goes through until they reach adulthood? That's why I also decided to grab some crayons in the back to school section at Target. I chose the twist up crayons, we've been wanting to try them for awhile and I'm hoping they keep her from breaking her crayons so easily, and since they don't have paper around them like traditional Crayola crayons, it'll also keep me from finding tiny bits of Crayola paper wrapping all over our home haha. We also downloaded this super cute (and FREE) activity coloring book from Crayola on Target's website (click here to find out how to download it for your kiddo).
Eggo products are quick, easy and delicious and are perfect for everything from breakfast, to lunch, to dinner, to an after school snack! I also love how stocking up on Eggo waffles helps prepare for the busy school year ahead, and stocking up saves on last minute grocery runs later on. Eggo can make meals fun! What kid doesn't love switching things up and having breakfast for dinner one night a week? I'm all about making life fun for little ones... and also encouraging kids! Encouraging them that they can let their creative side loose with Crayola, encourage them to try something new and unexpected (like chicken and waffles for example).

How will you use Eggo and Crayola to fuel your child's mind and body? What creative ways can you think of to make Eggo waffles? What is your child's favorite thing to draw using Crayola crayons? Don't forget to download the free activity booklet (found here), and most importantly... Have FUN! :)

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  1. I've never tried chicken and waffles together, but after reading this, it just seems like the perfect union! I'll definitely be trying this with my kiddos who, no surprise, love chicken tenders AND waffles. [client]