What I'm loving Wednesday | Safe Cleaning & Laundry Favorites

Happy Hump Day! I am so excited to bring you another installment of "What I'm Loving Wednesday" a weekly post that will list some things from the past week that I am loving, can't live without, on my wish-list, or are things I am plain obsessed with - and I will even add links (when applicable) so you can check out or scoop up anything you love too!
What I'm Loving Wednesday will be a great way for me to showcase some of my favorite products, tell about something fun that happened, show you what I'm crushing on, highlight some of my favorite blogs/instagram feeds and a great way for you to find all kinds of great new products to buy or people to follow!
I am so excited about What I'm Loving Wednesday and it is going to be a BLAST! I hope you  will follow along!
Today is all about... Cleaning and Laundry Favorites!

You all may or may not know that we had to unexpectedly had to move a few months ago, it did cost us quite a lot of money (as moving usually does) but in the end it really turned out for the best, we were able to move into a newly renovated apartment that was actually cheaper (and nicer) than where we were living, its a little out in the country so that is nice as well... But in the process of moving I decided that was the time to throw out all of those nasty cleaning chemicals.

I mean, who wants to clean with stuff that makes you feel like you're going to pass out, makes your eyes water, scalds your hands and the day after a good clean you feel like you're coming down sick just from being exposed to so many harsh chemicals? Who wants to itch all day from using laundry detergents and laundry sheets with who knows what in them? Not me anymore... And I especially didn't want to exposed our daughter with her developing system and body to that anymore.

So I started the search for more natural and mostly or completely non toxic cleaning supplies, soaps and detergents, and these are a few of our favorites so far! Check them out below...
When I found out there was a dishwasher in our new home I got pretty excited (needless to say), the dishwasher saves me literally so much time every single day and these are our favorite dishwasher detergent to date. These are awesome, so streaks or stains left on glasses or dishes, they get our dishes clean! No dirty yucky chemicals like phosphates and bleach on our dishes, these tablets are made with a non-toxic mineral based powergreen technology!
Can you tell I love this scent? I mean I seriously love this scent! It cleans so amazingly well, smells amazing, is non toxic and seriously cleans good. I think I said the same things over and over there. Lol. Our house smells amazing (and not chemical-y) on cleaning day.
Okay, So we already know that I am obsessed with all things mint... And windex makes me seriously sick... Enter Method Glass & Surface cleaner in Mint! our windows and mirrors smell so fresh now! Plus no streaks! Yay!
This is the dish soap we are using right now and I'm seriously loving it! I don't love it quite as much as the next dish soap I'm getting ready to tell you about but it comes in as a super close second, and since they're both so different, maybe this is my favorite dish soap? It smells great and cleans awesomely! Plus, it looks so cute sitting on my sink! Lol.
Have a greasy pan or pan with food stuck to it (or burnt to it lol)? This is the soap! A few sprays, let it soak in for a minute or two and voila! Bye-bye any sticky, burnt, greasy, stuck food residue.
Still our most favorite laundry detergent, and we definitely need to get some more. :) It is plant based, hypoallergenic, 100% natural, infused with orange essential oil, non-toxic, gluten free, no animal testing, has no dyes or synthetic fragrances, and is affordably priced! Green cleaning at its best! Bye-bye itchys from chemical laundry detergents!
So many less itchies and random rashes once we started using these in place of dryer sheets. Did you know that dryer sheets are actually one of the most toxic things in your home? Worried that these wont get your laundry soft? Our laundry is actually softer since we started using these! Plus it helps cut down on drying time! They can be used over and over and over and over again too! Win-win! Want scent in your clothes still? We scent them and our clothes with...
Young Living essential oils are our favorite, and with good reason. One of our favorite oils to use for laundry is Purification! We also love Lavender and Citrus Fresh! Our laundry smells SO GOOD!


  1. I love Method cleaners! They are my favorite. I haven't tried Meyers cleaning products yet. I guess I need to give those a try!

  2. Your choices of nontoxic cleaning supplies are great! It’s interesting that you chose the cleaning products that have fruity scents, especially the pink grapefruit scent. Do the scents greatly affect the entire smell and atmosphere in your house? Thanks for sharing some of your favorite cleaning products!

    Courtney Morris @ Onyx Cleaning