Presque Isle Summer Staycation | Weekend Re-Cap

Vacations are the best I think we can all agree, and staycations can be even better! Plus, they save so much money and you can sleep in your own bed at night! Lol.
This past weekend we took a little staycations up to Presque Isle, or Lake Erie if you prefer to call it... Seriously, it was the BEST DAY EVER!
It was a beautiful day weather wise in the upper 70's and mostly sunny, later in the day hitting the lower 80's... So pretty much perfect.

We went to Krispy Kreme [which I haven't had in years] and I introduced my hubby to the wonder of Krispy Kreme; There is nothing in this world like a warm Krispy Kreme donut right off of the conveyer belt, made, fried and glazed in a matter of seconds right before your eyes. They melt. in. your. mouth. And what was even better was that the sweet girl at the counter just gave us our donuts! Yay! I wish Bella would have tried a bite but she was much too interested in running around exploring. Maybe next time she'll try one. We plan on buying at least a dozen the next time we go. :D
From there we made our way up to Presque Isle State Park and to one of the gorgeous beaches... We were pleasantly surprised at how clean and clear blue the water was! And there were waves! I had to keep reminding myself that we weren't at the ocean because it felt like we were in paradise!
The warm sun on our heads, the sand between our toes and the waves playing at our ankles, it all felt so amazing.
Seagulls flew by and Bella ran through the waves and sand trying to catch any one that ventured too near. She wanted to catch one so bad haha, definitely an animal lover that one.
We cold have ran and walked on the beach forever, we actually walked probably at least 5 miles up and down the beaches there, some were crowded and our favorites were the ones that were almost or completely empty except for us, we pretended we were castaways on a deserted island. Willlsssooonnn!!! Lol!
We're pretty sure it was the best day of Bella's life, she loved every second and actually got sad and cried when it was time to leave that evening, poor thing, but we couldn't blame her because we didn't hardly want to leave either!

She loved playing in the sand, using her little shovel to scoop sand into her purple bucket, sifting sand through her little yellow sifter and find rocks and tiny pieces of shells, riding the waves, splashing and running through and into the waves, chasing seagulls... hours and hours of pure joy and the best kind of fun... It was wonderful and it was the most beautiful thing to see the world though the eyes of a child, filled with such wonderment, discovery, excitement and adventure.
We cant wait to go back again!

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