Happy Friday and Memorial Day weekend! I'm so happy about my husband having an extra day off this weekend, not many plans here, just gonna take it easy and go from there (but probably gonna make a target run because we need more bubbles for our bubble machine, and thinking we might pick up a rotisserie chicken for tomorrow's dinner). I am of course, eternally grateful for the ultimate sacrifice made by so many so that we can have our freedoms. What are your weekend plans? Sharing all our recent favorites below, let me know if any of them are year favorites too or if you found some new favorites to love from this post! Happy Memorial Day (and the unofficial start of summer) friends!

Unless you're new around here, you'll know how much I LOVE the ocean, and all things ocean and surf inspired. The ocean is my happy place. I recently came across the sweetest little shop, Ocean Inspired Soaps, and I am absolutely in love with all of their handmade products. Their soaps are all handmade (and hand poured) with natural ingredients and the soaps are even created using sea water! Yes, sea water! How cool is that?! And not just any sea water, ocean water from our future home (we are planning on moving later this year), Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! They paddle out on paddleboards and collect sea water from the Atlantic Ocean to create these soaps! Ashley, the owner, was so kind to send over the Betty Bar for myself, and the Dawn Patrol Coffee Soap Bar and Nomad Bar for my husband (thinking I'll give him one now and save one to add to his Father's Day gifts), and this All Natural Coconut Oil Lip Balm (that I'm loving)! I love how clean, simple and natural the ingredients are, no chemicals or toxins to worry about, plus the soaps smell naturally amazing (such a light and wonderful scent)! These soaps are perfect for any ocean loving person in your life, those who feel the pull of the tides in their souls... or I mean, ya know, anyone bathes. Haha. They're just really great soaps and you NEED them. Grab yours here and make sure to use my code JOYFUL for 10% off your purchase through next Friday!

I've been smoothie obsessed for ages, but since I started working out a few months ago, one of my favorite things after a workout is a cold protein filled smoothie! I found one I loved, but it was sadly a little out of my price range after the first month, so I was on the hunt for a really great protein powder that was plant based AND also tasted good. I'm happy to report I found the best protein powder ever from EarthChimp! It tastes amazing, so good that I can combine it with just ice and almond milk in the blender and enjoy it without having to add a bunch of stuff to mask the taste ( even though  I do love adding some peanut butter sometimes). It's also really affordable, less than $40 for around a month supply! It's plant based and full of amazing ingredients like pea, sunflower and coconut proteins, an organic fruit blend (made from bananas, dates and baobab, flax seeds, chicory root, probiotics and digestive enzymes, monk fruit extract, agave fiber, and more! It's not too sweet, not too unsweet, it's just right and doesn't give your stomach any icky feelings that some protein powders give you. It's literally one of my favorite treats, you can drink it by itself, add it to any smoothie (I love adding it with frozen bananas, peanut butter and cocoa powder for an extra rich taste), add it to muffins, pancakes (adding it to banana egg pancakes is another one of my favorite ways), add it to chia pudding, the options are endless! It has 20 grams of protein per serving, plus it's only 120 calories for an entire serving (2 scoops), not to mention being non-gmo and containing no added sugar or salt, dairy, gluten, gums or soy! The packaging is environmentally friendly, it comes in a paper bag rather than a plastic tub, it's made in small batches in Dublin Ireland AND available on Amazon (so you can prime it and get it to your home in 2 days)! So many reasons to love this protein powder! Grab it here and let me know how you like it! Make sure to head here and sign up for their emails to get $5 off your first order!

Recently I came across the cutest boutique on Instagram and I am obsessed with everything they offer! Everything is so cute, I mean, just look at this Here Comes The Sun tee! It's one of my favorites, so cheery and perfect for summer, you'll find me wearing it constantly! Plus everything is so affordable too! This Ribbed Cropped Racerback Tank is one of my new favorite pieces in my closet, it is SO COMFORTABLE, like never want to take it off kind of comfortable, aaaaaand it's only $12! No I did not make a typo, seriously run, don't want, and go order yourself one! I may or may not be thinking of ordering a second one just to have a backup. Ngenuitity Boutique is a black owned, woman owned boutique and Latoya (the owner) has the best style! I simply love everything she curates in her boutique, and she doesn't just sell clothing! She offers some of the prettiest home decor too! This Iris Macrame Wall Hanging is so beautiful, it reminds me of moonlight and I love seeing it hang in our home, it brings a smile every time I walk past it. She just released some of the cutest pieces for summer, this babydoll top is adorable, I love this spring bralette (it's super cute), these twist front tanks are only $12 (and come in the cutest colors perfect for matching anything in your closet) and I love this Better Days Ahead tank too (it would pair perfectly with these denim shorts)! Make sure to check out everything over at Ngenuity Boutique here and let me know what you snag for your own wardrobe! Use SHOP15 for 15% off your first purchase!

Where do I even start with these sheets? We've been using these sheets from Cozy Earth Bedding for almost 3 years now and I'm not even joking when I tell you I adore these sheets. They are the most comfortable sheets we've ever owned (or slept on), it's like sliding into butter every night and it makes for the best night's sleep. They are made from 100% viscose from bamboo fabric (and tested free of harmful chemicals), easy to wash, hypoallergenic, and best of all, temperature regulating! You'll never get too warm and they don't make you sweat like some fabrics, the bamboo is super breathable and literally the softest thing that will ever touch your skin. Okay, can you tell I'm obsessed yet? Haha, but seriously, these are 1000000% worth every single penny. We've never had any issues with shrinking after washing and drying them (like so many sheets do), they're perfect for sensitive skin because of how smooth and soft they are (no scratchiness here), and you'll never want to get out of bed again after you purchase these. Make sure to use CE-APRIL at checkout for 40% off your Cozy Earth goodies!

I'm always looking for unique little shops and I recently stumbled upon one of the cutest, DayCrafter! Kathryn, the artist and owner, makes the sweetest modern bohemian accessories, so many cute nature inspired things,  and of course the Ocean Collection caught my eye (because let's face it, I'm pretty sure we all know by now how much I love the sea and all things ocean inspired). I absolutely adore the Cowrie Seashell Air Vent Diffuser and I am SO STOKED to have it in our car, I've been wanting a little car diffuser for essentials oils for awhile but just never found one that I really loved and seemed perfect, until I found this one that is. ;)  It's the perfect way to diffuse oils in our car and also add some beachy vibes! She also sent over these Handmade Rattan Coasters Set, I cannot even tell you how excited I am for these, they'll be so perfect in our new home when we move later this year! I can't wait to finally have room for a coffee table and can keep these handy! Also IN LOVE with this adorable Wood Seashell Phone Grip, I've never had a pop socket before and I'm loving it so far! Grab all of the cutest accessories, like this macramé air plant hanger, tan rattan pop socket, seashell necklace and this rattan keychain bangle!  Use APRIL10 for 10% off at DayCrafter!

What is Beach Rinse you might be wondering? It's an all in one ocean inspired soak, scrub, and rinse for hair, body and bath! It smells like summer time in a container, and is created from 100% natural and organic ingredients! Beach Rinse is crafted from ingredients like salt, kelp and natural oils (like nut and seed oils and essential oils for fragrance). They sent over the Pacifica and Maui Beach Rinses and I am OBSESSED with both of them. The Pacifica one smells like coconut sunscreen, it reminds me of a long day spent by the sea, soaking in the sun and splashing in the waves. The Maui Beach Rinse is equally as amazing, it smells so good, just like piña colada, I could literally eat it (I mean, not gonna of course, haha, but it smells that good enough to eat). What I'm loving most about these products besides how amazing they smell, is how versatile they are! I love how I can use it to give texture and moisture to my hair (kind of like a salt spray), that I can use it as an exfoliant for my skin that leaves is silky smooth and moisturized. If it's a warm and relaxing bath you've been looking forward to all day after the kids are asleep, you can even use it as a salt soak in your bath! The Holidays may be awhile off still, but there's no better time to start thinking ahead, and these would make the perfect gifts or stocking stuffers. Beach Rinse is also ocean friendly, all of their packaging is recyclable, and they also sell reusable glass containers with compostable refill bags! Find your Beach Rinse here! Get 10% off at checkout by using my code TRIBE10!

Bee Balm and Ash is a shop I found out of desperation haha, desperation of a tired mama. Bodhi is almost 2.5 and still rarely sleeps through the night, and that's what lead me to discover this amazing shop! First off, I'm just gonna say that Ashley, the owner of Bee Balm and Ash, is pretty much the sweetest and most down to earth person on earth. Not to mention how helpful she is! I came to her recently with an issue that I've been stumped on, and she suggested her Fertility Roller, I promptly ordered it and low and behold, the difference it's already making is amazing and insane! Definitely NOT trying to get pregnant (in case you were wondering that because of the name of the roller haha. I am very happy with our two and very done having more kids), BUT fertility equals hormonal health and hormonal health and fertility equal whole body health. I've been having issues with my cycles for a little over a year now so I'll update in another month or two after I've used it longer, I can for sure tell a difference already though! Anyways, back to my original story, sleep deprivation! When I found her shop, I was of course immediately drawn to the sleep products, both the Sweet Dreams Roller and Slumber Room Spray in particular. We LOVE them both, the roller is perfect to swipe on him during our bedtime routine, and I love spraying the slumber room spray right before bed. The room spray is such a calming, light and lovely scent, it's something I look forward to every evening now because it smells so amazing and is such a calming scent to make counting sheep easy. Ashley also sent over this Focus Roller that we are completely in love with! I roll it on Bella's wrists when it's time for her school every day and I can 100% tell you it works. She has always had a lot of difficulty concentrating on her work but whenever she uses this, she has so much more focus and get's her school done so much faster. She actually asks for it if I forget because she can tell a difference in herself with it. I may or may not have even used it myself a few times when I didn't feel like working out and needed a little more focusing myself. You can use my code JOYFULTRIBE for 20% off!

Another brand we have all the heart eyes for is... yep, you guessed it, Sun Bum and of course their kids brand, Baby Bum. their products are the greatest, full of natural ingredients and they small AMAZING. Not to mention their company is probably the coolest brand on earth. They just released a new scent for the groms (but I mean, adults can totally use it too), Banana Coconut, and Bella and Bodhi are living for it, it smells so good, plus I love how gentle their products are on the kiddos skin. We are super excited to use their products all summer (who am I kidding, all year) long. If you walk past and you smell bananas or coconuts, it's probably just our Sun Bum / Baby Bum haha. I also recently grabbed this 3-in-1 leave in conditioner (that comes with the most darling scrunchie set) for myself, this after sun cool down aloe gel in case we have too much sun exposure (which does happen on occasion in the early summer and our bodies are getting used to the sun again after the long winter), this foaming shampoo and body wash for the kids, this rad bubble bath, and of course this sunscreen and super cool beach flyer that our entire family can use and share. If you need a good lip balm, our entire family is OBSESSED with their cocobalm lip balm. It is literally the best lip balm I have ever used (and I've tried a lot to find one I actually liked because I'm picky with lip balm), and probably the best lip balm in the entire world. My husband loved it so much after he tried it that I ended up giving mine to him... good thing I had a spare to keep for myself hahaha. Trust the bum and grab allllllll the raddest sun protection and body products here!


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