Happy FriYAY! Who else has been counting down the minutes until the weekend? We are planning on...well, to be honest, we don't exactly know yet, we're just gonna play it by ear haha but I do know we'll have lots of family time and all the fun! What are your weekend plans? Don't forget to check out all of our favorites below... which ones are your favorites?

Babylit books has been one of our go-to places for children's books since... well, a long time haha. I purchased our first Babylit book (Pride and Prejudice) as one of Bella's first birthday gifts if that tells you anything about how long ago it's been (she's going to be 8 later this year!). Their board books are perfect for little hands and they hold up amazingly well to all of the craziness that toddlers put books through (if you're a parent you definitely know what I'm talking about lol). Bodhi loves pulling all of our Babylit collection out and sitting on the floor by the bookshelf, looking over all of the pages in the books. He loves pointing things out in the books and they also make a pretty fun toy when you stack them up and then knock them over (he thinks anyway haha). Some of our recent favorite titles are Little Naturalists Ansel Adams and His CameraLittle Naturalists Johnny Appleseed and Swan Lake. They also sell books for older kiddos too! Bella absolutely loves this The Llamacorn is Kind book and the illustrations are the sweetest. Check out all their books here!

When I was younger I didn't wear or like much jewelry, but the older I get, the more I love jewelry. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm still very particular about the jewelry I wear, I prefer dainty and natural looking pieces, and I love that Little Sycamore checks all of those boxes (and more) for me! Their jewelry is made with raw crystals and stones, and made to wear on a daily basis, quality is very high up on my list of things I look for when buying jewelry, because I want it to last for years and years while still looking nice and Little Sycamore's pieces are some of the best I've come across. I am obsessed with their Elements Collection, and since I'm drawn to water, naturally the Water Element Ring was my first choice. I chose rose gold (it also comes in silver and gold) and are made with 4 rectangular crystals (blue and green variations of Tourmaline) lined up in a row. Each ring is completely unique and the crystals have subtle differences in height to represent the movement of water, with waves and ripples gliding across it. I absolutely love it. I'm already planning on wearing it for our next family beach photo session later this year. The next pieces I chose were the Wave Ring (are we sensing a theme of water loving here? haha) and the Smaller Pebble Ring, these are both so beautiful, can be worn separately but I love stacking them and I wear them constantly, like every single day kind of constantly! I also decided to branch out and try something new, because why not right? I've never had an anklet before but decided it was time to change that when I spied the Pebble Anklet (that I also chose in rose gold just like all of the rings). It's so beautiful and dainty, and adds such a fun little unexpected statement to any outfit! They also sell necklace extenders (for only $5!) and I'd been needing some so I grabbed a couple of those. I'm pretty sure I'll never not be in love and obsessed with all of Little Sycamore's designs, they're just so natural and it's like wearing a bit of nature since so many of their designs are hand crafted from the earth or nature inspired. Already have my eye on some more beautiful pieces from Little Sycamore because I truly LOVE their jewelry... like this Multi Rainbow Ring (from their new Rainbow Collection), this Peak Ring, this Air Element Ring, and of course this amazing New Beginnings Ring. All of the heart eyes. Head to Little Sycamore here and check out all of their lovely designs to add to your own jewelry collection!

Blabla Kids have been one of my go-to places for the past few years for the cutest throw pillows for Bella's bed, and also for the sweetest little knit dolls for both our kiddos (as well as for gifts). Their designs are so soft and so perfectly huggable, perfect for any kiddo. Each doll is made from hand picked cotton, and Peruvian artisans who are paid fair trade wages and benefits hand knit each and every stitch that goes into making your doll. Blabla Kids has actually been working with the same artisans for almost 20 years to sustainably create each doll they offer which I think is absolutely incredible in our fast paced world. Their sweet and simple designs are a child's dream, Bella absolutely adores her Pink Rainbow Pillow and her Butterfly Pillow, they sit on her bed after she makes it every day and are such a cute pop of color in her room. Bodhi loves this Jasper the Deer and he's had this TouTou the Dog since before he was even born! Currently I'm crushing on this Sunrise Pillow and this Yoyo The Monkey that I'm pretty sure Bella and Bodhi need! One more reason to add a Blabla Kids doll or pillow to your life? For every doll purchased, a tree is planted! Through their partnership with One Tree Planted, they are working to plant more trees and focusing on global reforestation to combat the effects of forest fires and climate issues! Find all their too cute for words designs here!

We're all about reusable and earth friendly products, and we always opt for reusable water bottles and try to bring them everywhere with us so we never have to purchase or use single use water bottles, I'm also all about minimal design and a sleek simple look, so when I found these kids water bottles from Camelbak, they definitely caught my eye! They're made from stainless steel, vacuum insulated so your kiddos water can stay cold for hours on end, BPA/BPS/BPF free, super easy for small hands to open and close, and they are spill proof when open and leak proof when closed! The 12 ounce size is great for kids of all ages, ours are 7 and 2 and these work great for both of them! We chose the bare steel option, but if minimal isn't your jam, they come in a bunch of other cute options with colorful prints that your child will love! They're also dishwasher safe which all of us busy moms love, they are sweatproof and stay dry on the outside, and we love the handy carry handle! Check them out here!

Okay but do you ever find a brand that just exceeds all your expectations and goes above and beyond? We found that recently with Seaesta Surf. We are huge fans of their swim apparel and after waiting forever for their Triple Scoop Pistachio Board Shorts to restock, I was finally able to snag them for Bodhi for this year. They arrived and were so cute, but had a few damaged spots, Seaesta Surf was the greatest after I asked them about it and sent a replacement pair that same day! Color me impressed because they are the greatest, not only are their pieces super high quality, but the customer service is a reason to love them all in itself, oh, I mean it doesn't hurt that EVEYRTHING they make is so stinking cute too! Bodhi is gonna look awesome this summer with his triple scoop boardshorts and Charcoal Rash Guard, I also picked up one of their surfy birdy collab swimsuits for Bella recently and she loves it, they have matching Surfy Birdy Boardshorts here and I literally could die from the cuteness... adding these to my wish list for Bodhi asap, because it's a need. Make sure to grab the cutest oversized beach towel ever for all your summer adventures while you're at it!

Bella loves jewelry more and more the older she gets, and her favorite jewelry shop of all time is Pura Vida! Their designs are just so fun and super casual and cute, perfect for dressing up or down, wearing to church or wearing to the beach. They're wax coated so they are 100% waterproof and they last forever! I love that their sizing is so inclusive, from adults all the way down to small kids, their sizing is amazing and fits so many of all shapes and sizes. Bella's favorite bracelets are the Mermaid Fin Charm Bracelet, the Sand Dollar Charm Bracelet and this Shaka Bracelet, she wears them constantly and rarely takes them off I recently grabbed this Rose Gold Wave Ring for myself during their spring break sale and I am loooooving it, it's so dainty and cute. I also have this Malibu bracelet and love it. Use APRILBONDI20 to get 20% off your first Pura Vida order!

One of our all time favorites, Fin First is pretty much the coolest brand ever. They're actually based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and we cannot wait to hang out with them when we move down there, I actually met Allison (one of the owners) a couple years ago when we were on vacation in Myrtle and it was so cool to finally meet in person and put a face to the name! We have several of their pieces but this "Long Live Long Haired Boys" raglan tee is probably one of my most favorite, I mean, since we have a long haired boy, how could I not love this one? We may even have a sticker with the same design on his reusable water bottle and also on his skateboard helmet too haha (along with this "Here Comes The Sun" Sticker too on his helmet too). My husband has this "Fin First Logo" raglan and it's been one of my favorites on him for years. Currently crushing on this "Sol" (Monochrome) Slouchy Tee for myself and this "Save Our Oceans" tee for Bella and adding them to our wish list. Shop all of their fresh duds and rad designs here!


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