I first discovered my love for pampas grass a few years ago when we vacationed in South Carolina, it was growing everywhere in Myrtle Beach and it was just so beautiful. It was so big and fluffy and looked so coastal, growing in the dunes by the beach, by businesses, all the places. Fast forward another year or two and it became super popular in home decor, and I knew we needed some for our home, especially after we got our "pray for surf" tapestry for our master bedroom.

Well, I recently came across the most lovely shop; I was scrolling Instagram and found Golden August Co. and the rest is history... I couldn't stop eyeing up their beautiful pampas grass (and florals and palms) and they were kind enough to send some my way for our home! You guys, I've wanted it for so long... so the excitement has been real!

It arrived this past week and when I opened the package I immediately gasped, it was beautiful! They sent over their Arizona Pampas Grass as well as their Mini Pampas stems (haven't decided where I'll be putting this one yet, I have to find the perfect spot). I followed the instructions on how to fluff it up (sunlight if you have it haha, or a blow dryer, like I used because it was dark and raining, works great) and afterwards put it into my favorite world market vase on my nightstand.

It is absolutely perfect for our space and totally completes the minimal beachy look I was going for. I smile every time it catches my eye because it's just so beautiful. They sent 3 stems of the large Arizona Pampas Grass and it makes such a statement!

If you are into boho, beachy, coastal, or minimal decor, I can't suggest Golden August Co. enough for their beautiful dried florals, grasses and palm leaves. Perfect for any space! Use THEJOYFULTRIBE15 for 15% off when purchasing!

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