This post is contains some products that were gifted, as always I only share products and brands that align with our lifestyle and that we truly love.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I'm so excited to finally kick off my 2020 holiday gift guide series, and what better way than with my women's gift guide! In this gift guide you'll find  that perfect something for every woman of every age in your life, plus these are all products that I personally would love to receive (so you know they're good since I am very selective with items we bring into our home). I'm also sharing lots of coupon codes below so you guys can save a few dollars while shopping small (yay)! What are you hoping to find under the tree this year?

As I've gotten older (and I hope wiser haha) I've learned there are some things that should never be skimped on, and good quality undies are one of those things. There is almost nothing worse for your lady region than keeping them cooped up in synthetic fabrics that aren't breathable. I've been wearing organic cotton undies for several years now and I refuse to wear anything but organic cotton now, for so many reasons. Reason number one, they're just so much more comfortable, really, organic cotton is super soft and so cozy. The biggest factor is that they're breathable! Organic cotton is best too because you know the fabric is good quality, not filled with pesticides and chemicals (ew, definitely not what you want touching your body all day, especially the parts of your body they are touching). Okay, and well, these are some of the cutest colored undies I've ever seen, so there's that as well. Knickey really hit it out of the park with these colors, that deep teal that reminds me of the ocean, the most perfect rusty brown and the loveliest neutral sand color. Their colorways make my neutrals and earth tones loving heart happy. They have styles for everyone (I chose the high-rise brief), whatever makes you feel most comfortable and confident... and beautiful of course too, because with Knickey undies, you don't have to skimp on beauty for comfort. They're also affordable, at only $13 per pair! Use JOYFULTRIBE10 for a discount at checkout!

I'm very selective of anything I put on my body, I always research brands and products and ingredients, sadly with a lot of big brands (you know, the ones you find in grocery and big box stores) you'll find that most of them aren't as natural as they seem at first glance. That's why I'm always so excited to find brands that truly care about the ingredients that go onto your skin. Lattes and Lavender is one of those brands that pay attention to every detail and every ingredient. Hand making each body care item sold in their shop. I'm pretty much obsessed with every single item that Kristin makes and need one of everything (I would say I'm kidding but I'm really not haha, her stuff is that good). I can't wait to sink into a tub filled with this Amethyst Infused Hawaiian Black Lava Bath Soak, it smells of lime, cedarwood and vanilla... transporting you from your bathtub straight to the islands every time you open the lid. I'm also so excited for this Rose & Gold Aromatherapy Bath and Body Oil. There's nothing worse than dry winter skin, so this will be perfect to help combat that, moisturizing with it's combination of sweet almond oil, argan oil, vitamin E, jojoba oil and essential oils... all organic of course, and finished with organic rose petals and natural gold flakes. You'll feel like the queen you are while using Latte's & Lavender products! Use code SELFCARETIME111 when purchasing for a discount!

I'm all about that cozy life in the winter, I mean, anytime really though, but when it comes to anything sleep related, I don't play around... Think about it, we spend a third of our lives in bed sleeping, so it should be a priority that we make sure we're using quality AND COMFY items. We upgraded our mattress and bedding a few years ago, and after wearing just whatever leggings/shorts and tee combo forever, I've been more than ready to upgrade my sleeping wardrobe as well. I did try a big box store earlier this year for pajama separates, but as you can imagine, you get what you pay for and they didn't last more than a month or two before I noticed holes appearing. I came across these pretty pajamas over at Shop Plain Jane (a brand we already know and love) and it was love at first sight. Their pajamas are buttery soft, and I mean good butter, not margarine (haha), like slipping into clouds and so cozy. This long sleeve jogger pajama set in creamy gingham is not only what dreams are made of, they're stylish too, not to mention just plain cozy. The best pajama set to stay warm in all those cold winter nights, and perfect to wear to bed on Christmas Eve so you'll look fashionable for photos on Christmas morning! Use JOLLY for 30% off when purchasing!

I've been on the hunt for a good bag for awhile, and I've been eyeing up these vegan leather bags from Azaria for a good chunk of this year. The materials used to make this bag are such great quality you'd never know it wasn't real leather unless you looked reaaaallly hard, the hardware is top notch and this bag is just sweet. I chose the La Mere Petite in Caramel, I wanted something that was versatile because Bodhi is getting older and I'm not needing to carry quite as much these days, and I also wanted something that could be used as my own personal bag on date nights with my husband, or if I wanted to use it as a stylish upgrade to my camera bag (instead of the plain old boring grey Nikon bag my camera came in) that I could use it for that as well... so many options with this bag and it's small but not too small, large enough to carry what I need, versatile bag. It can be worn as a messenger style shoulder bag or as a backpack, is made from high quality vegan leather, features gold hardware, 6 inside pockets (nd 5 outside pockets), two way top zipper, and so much more, buuuut most importantly, it's ethically and responsibly made. Make sure to use JOYFUL10 for 10% off when ordering!

Anyone who knows me very well at all knows how much I love the sea and all things ocean and surf related, and this tee is no exception. It's absolutely perfect in every way. Shallow Reef Studio is owned by Pro Kitesurfing World Champion Moona Whyte (okay so I may or may not be over here fan-girling just a little bit) and each piece is hand printed on the North Shore of Oahu, designs to feed your love of the water and to inspire a simpler way of life. I have a feeling that this "More Please" tee is one I'll be reaching for often, I mean, I've only been drooling over it for practically forever. There's something for everyone at Shallow Reef Studio, women's and men's tees, as well as the raddest hand dyed shibori totes I've ever laid eyes on. Personally I think this "Night Surf" tee may need to make it's way into my closet, this "Surf Till Dark" tee is pretty awesome as well. Shallow Reef Studio is also a member of 1% for the planet so you can feel good knowing your purchase gives back by donating to ocean conservation efforts! Use THEJOYFULTRIBE at checkout for 15% off at Shallow Reef Studio on etsy!

I learned about our skin having a microbiome earlier this year and I was so fascinated, I immediately started researching into it and finding out all of the ways to keep my skin's microbiome healthy, which brought me to discovering Aleavia Plant Based Prebiotic Skincare! Imagine finding a product that is a great body wash, but can also be used as shampoo, makeup remover, soothe and calm your skin, stabilize skin pH and eliminate odor, moisturize your skin and that is also free of parabens, chemicals, sodium lauryl sulfates, artificial fragrance and dyes, free of animal by products and is cruelty free, and is 100% natural and organic, non-toxic, vegan, biodegradable, and gmo-free. I mean I couldn't imagine it either, until I heard of Aleavia. Their products have minimal ingredients and come with the core ingredients of filtered deionized water, coconut oil, aloe vera, dead sea salt, acadian sea kelp, citric acid (derived from lemon and oil peels) and plant glycerin! Each product contains those core ingredients as the prebiotic base and some also contain light natural fragrance from cold pressed essential oils and extracts. Aleavia sent over their Cranberry Body Cleanse, Orchid Body Cleanse, Purifying Facial Cleanse which are perfect for stocking stuffers or as stand alone gifts (they're also great gifts for men, I know my husband already can't wait to use these too)! They also sent over their new Citrus & Sea Kelp Microbiome Friendly Hand Wash I'm I'm super excited about, which will be perfect to keep on our bathroom sink this winter! We live in such an over sanitized world these days, and since our skin is our largest organ, it's now more important than ever to keep our microbiome ecosystem healthy, balanced and thriving! If you're putting together a home themed gift basket this prebiotic hand soap would be a perfect addition to it! Grab all your microbiome friendly products here! Use CLEAN15 at checkout for a percent off!

We went on the dreamiest vacation to Ocean City and also visited Assateague Island a few months ago, and while scrolling through hashtags and location tags for those areas on Instagram, I came across the cutest account with the prettiest jewelry that I was immediately obsessed with! I'm talking literally the obsession was (er, rather IS) REAL! Madauer Design has perfectly boho handmade jewelry with a beachy aesthetic (you know my love for the ocean), and Madison (the owner who is the absolute sweetest) hand makes each piece! She sent over her Beachy Boho Wrap Bracelet which is kind of perfection and she can make pretty much any bracelet combo that your heart desires. If your ears are pierced you're in for a real treat with these gorgeous and dainty Cowrie Shell Earrings she makes (that are fit for a mermaid queen)! Every piece is inspired by the ocean, created with natural simplicity in mind and made with good vibes on the east coast! Use code JOYFUL10 for 10% off during checkout!

I took up skateboarding earlier this year during quarantine since it was something that I've been wanting to learn how to do since I was a kid. Of course when you take up a new hobby you have to get accessories to go along with it, right? Her Waves is one of my favorite shops, owned and designed by women for women, they are on a mission to break stereo-types and bring equality for women's surfing and skateboarding (since a lot of bigger brands are sadly known for featuring nothing but shots of women in bikinis but constantly feature men surfing epic waves). Her Waves Co. brings together a collective of some of the most talented lady artists, photographers, surfers and skaters to create their products; they also keep the environment in mind with their earth friendly packaging and local US made products (made in sunny California) and all of their printing is done with water based ink! I picked up this Best Friends Forever Sticker and this Surf x Skate Sticker recently and they are perfect for anyone who loves surfing or skating, I can't wait to add these next to my Flowers and Fins Sticker and Nose Ride Sticker on my reusable water bottle! Make sure to sign up for their newsletter to receive 10% off first time purchases! 


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