Farmstead Fun

Last year we added Irons Mill Farmstead to our list of autumn traditions and it's become one of our most favorite family traditions! There's so much to do and it's the perfect family fall activity! There's something for everyone, and even better, is that while we visit the farm, we're actually supporting local!

Located in Western Pennsylvania, near the most quaint little town, New Wilmington, Irons Mill Farmstead was opened in 2012 as a way to share the beautiful countryside and farm lifestyle with so many others, to bring families together, and have lots of fall fun, and it's just gotten better every year since! Last year was our first year, and we thought it was good then, but this year, all the changes that have been made in the past 12 months, all of the hard work that's went into it and all of the new attractions have literally blown out socks off. You guys, it is SO GOOD! So good in fact that you'll want to go again and again.

One of my absolute favorite, kind of new but kind of revamped attraction at the farm are the jumping pillows, nope, not a typo, pillows, plural. Last year there was only one jumping pillow and this year, there are TWO!  Bella might have been just a little bit excited as we made our way over to them and she jumped and jumped and jumped (she also slept good that night too haha). Such a fun thing to do and even parents can join their kiddos on the jumping pillows!

Of course we can't forget our favorite thing from last year, the bat glide! Basically a small zip line and Bella seriously cannot get enough. She would go again and again and again if we let her. In all honesty I really kind of want to go on it too it looks so fun! Corncob beach is forever the most popular attraction on the farm with the little ones, I mean, what kid doesn't love to scoop and dump corn for hours on end? Also the fact that you can bury your feet in it, like sand but less messy? Bella is obsessed, as all of the kiddos seem to be.

A couple new things that have been added to the farm since last year is the addition of the trike race track for little ones (so, so cute), the old fire truck that shoots candy out of the water cannon (um, yesssss), the farm animals are better than ever and now has a fenced pathway to walk through (more animals to pet yay), and you guys... so many new food places... which means more delicious food choices, um, yum! We've yet to try out the new apple blasters and farmstead express but those are definitely high on our to-do list.

We're planning on riding the tractors and picking the biggest pumpkin from the patch to carve right before Halloween (send all the carvings ideas our way because I have no ideas this year), and of course I can't forget to mention how AMAZING the corn maze is this year... y'all... Fixer Upper! It's Fixer Upper themed! Chip and Jo, shiplap, silos... and seriously, we can't wait to do the maze this year! With 30+ attractions and 8 eateries, you'll never be bored or hungry at Irons Mill Farmstead and I promise you'll want to make a tradition out of it, you'll be amazed at all there is to do and I'm pretty sure the mini piggy races (yeah, I said that) and kettle corn will seal the deal for you.

I'm sure I'll be sharing more on my instagram and insta stories in the coming weekends so make sure to keep an eye out for that and if you're in the western Pennsylvania or eastern Ohio area, make sure to head to Irons Mill Farmstead on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from now until October 29th! There's so much fun to be had and memories to be made at Irons Mill Farmstead!

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  1. I love the countryside, and would love to visit it soon. These are some really great pictures, I must say. Looking forward to see more from your blog.