Summer Bucket List

make homemade popsicles
eat lots of homemade pie
visit the zoo
take a trip to a state park (or two)
go hiking
take a walk
have a picnic
go to a baseball game
make s'mores
go berry picking
watch fireworks
feed ducks
go see hot air balloons
visit the farmer's market
spend the day in a small local town
spend the day in a big city
read a new book
make smoothies
tend to the garden
spot cloud shapes while laying on our gathre mat
make ice cream floats
pick flowers
go to the movies on a hot day
watch a sunset
go on a boat ride
visit a new restaurant or revisit an old favorite (like he bluebird kitchen)
unplug for a day
go wading in a creek
catch fireflies
dance to our favorite songs
visit the beach
take a drive and get lost (just remember to bring your gps haha)
relax in lawn chairs by the garden
have a long conversation
go to the museum
eat at a food truck
make a trip for donuts
go to the county fair
draw with sidewalk chalk
blow bubbles
take a dip in the lake
barbeque at the park
have a playdate
visit a local pool
make lemonade (lots and lots of lemonade)
visit a firestation
build a sandcastle
search for beach glass
eat all the fruit (especially watermelon and pineapple)
put on your rainboots and go puddle jumping
have a movie night with snacks
plan a staycation nearby - spend the weekend away
have a treasure hunt outside
go to an amusement park
build a blanket fort
make so many memories

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