We've had strawberry picking on our to-do list since right after we got married, some way or the other though, we've always either forgotten about or missed the picking season, and the years that we did remember, we had too much "real life" going on. So we were so excited to finally make it to a local farm for pick your own strawberries this past Memorial Day weekend! Even better is that we had a little one in tow who loved every second of picking those pretty red berries! She had so much fun holding the basket for us and loved running through the field looking for ripe red berries. Such a fun experience and we'll definitely have to do it again next year (we'll also be picking blueberries next month so that's always fun as well).

I made a strawberry jello cake on Memorial Day using some of the strawberries we picked and there are still so many left! I've frozen the rest of them and we'll continue to use them throughout the year for pies and cobblers, smoothies, lemonades, etc. So many yummy treats you can make with strawberries, I even love to drop a few frozen ones in my water to have fruit infused water!

Have you ever been strawberry picking? Are you planning to go berry picking this year?

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