Gathre Moments

A brand that I've loved for practically forever is Gathre! You might remember them being called Let's Playground way back in the beginning, and I've been following along with them ever since, dreaming of the day that I'd own one of those pretty bonded leather mats that they sell. Well, that day finally arrived a couple months back and I can honestly say they really are all that they're cracked up to be. They're amazing!

I love all of the colors and prints that Gathre has offered over the years, but my all time most favorite color they sell would have to be Flax. It's just such a beautiful color and so neutral, perfect for any event, occasion and season, this color is a classic and will never go out of style. Not really sure how to describe this color other than it's a creamy griege (grey and beige) and I simply love it! We've not even had it a a little over two months and we've already gotten a ton of use out of it, picnics outside, sitting by our garden, relaxing in the shade, spotting shapes in the clouds. Now that it's warming up more outside I'm sure it'll go with us to the beach and the park and hot air balloon festival and the county fair and probably pretty much everywhere.

It's not just for the outdoors though! It's perfect for indoor crafting, coloring, play dough, indoor picnics (one of our favorite things during the colder months), and I've even seen a few people on Instagram use them for rugs in their little ones bedrooms and playrooms (seriously what a great idea). For the floor, the ground, the sand, the grass, the gravel, the table, the carpet, the rug, the concrete, the field... this Gathre mat can lay on practically any surface to transform the area into a perfect sitting spot for you and your family.

I just love that food and spills are so easily wiped up from this stain resistant mat that made from premium bonded leather and is wipeable with a suede backside. It's also free of toxins, phalalates, lead and PVC! This Maxi sized all purpose mat can seat up to 8, and comes in a good size of 80"x80", they do sell smaller sized mats (the micro, the mini, the midi and the maxi) but this size is perfect for us and what we'll be using it for (lots and lots of picnics and shade sitting). The bonded leather top is so soft and perfect for laying and sitting on.

We love our Gathre mat so much we'd love for you to have to chance to have one of your own as well! Make sure you head on over to @thejoyfultribe on instagram later this evening for a chance to win a solid color MIDI mat (a $70 value)! You can also use code JOYFUL10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase (valid until 5/20)! Happy Thursday Friends!

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