Cleaning With Dyson

Not too long ago, we were in the market for a new vacuum. With a toddler around, it seems there are constantly crumbs around no matter how much I vacuum, so as important it is for us to have a good vacuum around at all times, it's even more important that we make sure it was a really good vacuum. Because let's face it, our time is precious, so if I can get the job done once really good instead of having to do it multiple times to make it look good, then it's a win.

I thought our old vacuum worked okay for the most part until it broke (I honestly can't even remember what brand it was, but we paid less than $100 for it at Walmart a couple years back), it kept falling over on me, almost breaking things and also bruised me a few times so I was like "I'm done, we need a new vacuum". Especially since by that time it was starting to get where you'd have to go over the carpet several times to get the floor perfectly clean. It was time for a new vacuum.

There are so many vacuums on the market, but this time I knew I wanted something a little more heavy duty, something that was going to last, and something that would get a deeper clean than we were used to. I started researching into vacuums and just kept coming back to the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal. Though we don't have any pets, we do all 3 suffer from seasonal allergies and Bella is also allergic to dust mites, so the extra suctioning capabilities of this one especially drew me to it. I loved it, the fact that it's supposed to have the most powerful suction power on the market and is one of the top rated Dyson vacuums as well.

Dyson was so kind to send one our way and we've been using it since around mid-October. Why have we been using it so long before sharing about it? It's important for me to only share products here on my blog that we love and use on a regular basis, and this is definitely a vacuum that I'll recommend again, and again, and again. It's just THAT good.

The suctioning power of this vacuum is much stronger than any vacuum I've ever used previously, it picks up so much more dust, crumbs and dirt than our old vacuum it's not even funny. For the most part I'd say that we're pretty clean people, we don't wear shoes in the house (so we bring in less dirt because of that), we keep things swept, mopped, dusted and vacuumed on a regular basis, but you would not believe the amount of dirt, dust, crumbs and carpet fuzz that this vacuum cleans up. It's really pretty astonishing to say the least. Plus, it seems to work well on practically any surface (we have carpet, area rugs, ceramic tile and linoleum in our home at the moment).

I really love that it doesn't use bags, so it's a little more environment friendly! Yessss! If you're always having to unplug and re-plug your vacuum in to make it reach every room in your home, then do that no more with this vacuum, the cord is 50 feet long (I was definitely very impressed) and reaches practically every single room in our home without me having to unplug and re-plug a million times in every single room.

It also comes with about a million attachments for everything imaginable (stairs, furniture, etc) which is super awesome; and don't even get me started on the Ball™ technology. It makes vacuuming an absolute breeze, corners and getting underneath things are no longer a pain and it just glides around so nicely. When it comes time to empty the dirt bin, it's as simple as lifting out of the vacuum, holding it over a trash can and pressing a button. Voila! The bottom of the canister flies open and the dirt, dust and crumbs fall neatly into the trash can, snap the bottom of the canister back into place and it snaps right back into the vacuum. Easy-peasy.

You can head here to read a little more about the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal vacuum and to purchase. It's definitely an investment piece, but completely worth it in our experience. There's nothing like a clean home. Happy Cleaning!

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