Sugarboo & Co. Favorites

Seriously I couldn't love Sugarboo & Co. anymore if I tried. Their designs have been some of my favorite for practically forever, even before I knew who they were and spied their designs on Pinterest (that darling I love you wall art anyone, I'm sure you've seen it). Their designs are so lovely and unique and I knew I wanted to incorporate some of their pieces into our home, so when I spied the Sugarboo & Co. poetry sticks, it was love at first sight.

I've been working on redoing Bella's room for a few months now and this "Ah, life grows lovely where you are" one had me smitten, it fit perfectly for two reasons, one being that we are redoing her room in a more floral type theme, the other is because life seriously has grown so much more lovely since she has come along. She brightens our days with her laughter and smiles and seeing her bloom as she grows into a little lady is the sweetest thing. We added it into her room below another farmhouse sign we own and it's simply perfection, it adds such a unique touch to her room and it's fast becoming one of my favorites. These poetry sticks are perfect for adding some art and a personal touch to a space even if you don't have a lot of room, I think I want a couple more now (maybe another for her room and a couple for our master bedroom above our closet).

We are also loving these Hello Series melamine plates, we have the hello baby cakes, hello darling, hello buttercup, hello cupcake and hello love muffin ones and they're our absolute favorite for sweet treats and snacks. They're just so much fun to use and not to mention adorable (pretty sure they make the food taste even better since they're so cute). There are 10 different greetings to choose from (each more sweet than the last) and they're priced really reasonably at only $8 apiece! These make the perfect snack plates, dessert plates and breakfast in bed plates (I mean, who doesn't want to wake up to "hello baby cakes"?).

Sugarboo & Co. has so many more beautiful items and I'm hoping to add more of their art to our home over the years that come, here are a few of my very favorite pieces below.

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten

I'm just loving all of these pieces (and pretty much everything on the Sugarboo & Co. website). Those throw pillow are perfect for Valentine's Day (or every day) and the Letter for you is my all time favorite (their first print I fell in love with), it's all just too good. Make sure to use code THEJOYFULTRIBE at checkout for 15% off a purchase (valid through May 16th, cannot be combined with any other offers) from Sugarboo & Co., and then head on over to @thejoyfultribe on Instagram this evening to enter the giveaway to win a poetry stick (single stick design only, US residents only) from Sugarboo & Co. for your own home!

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