Mama's Day Favorites

Mother's Day is one of the most special days to me since becoming a mama, now you might say that every day is mother's day, since we're mother's every day, but there's just something special to about it to me. I've been a mom to our sweet little Bella for almost 3 and a half years, it's hard to believe that it's been that long because it's flown by so (alarmingly fast); There have been joyous days, difficult days, lovely days, exhausting days, crying days, cuddle days... but they've all been the sweetest and best of days. Being a mama is my greatest joy in life, it's what I was created and called to do and it's the best thing that I could ever imagine. Having a little one to call my own, a little one that I grew inside my womb and birthed into this world, a little one that calls me mama and calls me her best friend and a little one that already loves Jesus and her family with all her sweet little heart. The mama life is the one for me, the best life.

I'm so excited to be bringing you a list of some of my favorite items for this mother's day. Some are sentimental, some are practical, some are for pretty, some are for wearing and they're all things I love so I knew they were the perfect items to add to my mama's day favorites gift guide list this year! Read all about them below! Happy Mother's Day!

We've been using a Fawn Design bag for months now (we've had the Fawn Design Black bag since last year) and we absolutely LOVE it! It looks so classy, much better than carrying around a traditional diaper bag (especially any kind with characters on them lol), and looks more like a good sized purse (or backpack, depending on how you carry it) that a diaper bag as well. Even though Bella is potty trained now, I still like to be the ultra prepared mom who always has everything on hand that we might need (it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it I'm always telling my husband), a change of clothing if she has an accident, snacks, band-aids, a hairbrush (as much for me as for her lol), a little blanket for her, hairbows, essential oils, you name it, I got it. It fits sooooo much, probably the thing I love most about it, it just seems to go on forever once you stat putting things inside and you have so much room! I absolutely fell in love with this new "Bloom" color from the Fawn Design spring release this year, it's the perfect shade of cream? Pink? Flax? not really sure what color it is haha, to almost seems to change colors slightly depending on the light and colors around it and I absolutely love it! Seriously the prettiest color ever!

Oh this necklace, I fell so in love with it when I first seen it and I love it even more now that I own it. It's such a special piece to me because the date stamped on there is the date that I became a mama to the sweetest little girl. The disc comes in at around 3/4, (such a pretty size) so not too big and not too small and has the prettiest tiny little font used for the numbering (or lettering if you choose). Though I chose gold (because let's face it, gold is the absolute prettiest and I'm completely obsessed) it also comes in rose gold (which came in as a solid second choice for me) and silver. Your numbers can be regular numbers or roman numerals depending on which look you love best and comes in 5 different lengths so you can choose whichever length you love most! You can also add on a few items like a chain extender, a lobster clasp or a cubic zirconia diamond, and choose whether you'd like the finish of the disc to be shiny (mirrored) or brushed (matte). This is something I'll be wearing daily, such a special reminder of the day my little one was brought earth-side and placed in my arms, one of the most special dates on the calendar to me.

You know I have a thing for tea towels, I can't say that I ever collected anything as an adult... until last year, when I realized my deep love for tea towels (thanks mom, it's your fault haha). I'm always looking for the cutest tea towels and this one is such a sweet one. It's made from 100% cotton and has the most beautiful black calligraphy hand-lettering for the "home sweet home phrase written on it. I just love this phrase because home is the sweetest place and I'm really such a homebody, it can be used as decor and hung over your towel rack, an oven handle, laid on a table, used as a photo prop, or if you're really brave, actually used. Though I'm sure mine will be more for looks than anything lol, it's just so pretty! This makes an absolutely perfect housewarming gift, or a gift for your mom, or if you know someone who is getting married soon and will have their own home. There's no place like home, home sweet home.

f o u r | Felt Letterboard from Letter Poet
I just love these felt letterboards from Letter Poet, they have such a vintage charm to them and they're absolutely perfect for displaying your favorite quote on, making announcements, for holidays and also for monthly photos when expecting a little one and after your little one arrives. This particular felt letterboard is the perfect size for a starter felt letterboard, it measures 10" by 10" and also comes with a full set of 3/4" letters, numbers and symbols (as the Letter Poet website states, more than enough characters for all your most favorite quotes). I'm seriously thrilled for this little letterboard because I'm always finding such sweet, inspirational and thought provoking quotes on Pinterest and never have any way to keep them around on a daily basis, with this felt letterboard, I'll be able to do just that! The frame of this letterboard is crafted from oak wood, the felt is made from black felt, and the letter set is white, simply perfect and minimal.

f i v e | Minimalist MOTHER Pocket Tee from Deck & Oar
This tee from Deck & Oar is just the perfect amount of everything. The perfect color, the perfect amount of minimalism, the perfect word, the perfect fit, and the perfect amount of softness. It's seriously my absolute favorite now and I find myself wearing it constantly. This shirt is a reminder to keep it simply, yet classy. Simplicity and minimalism is something I've found myself drawn to and a way of life I've tried to adapt since becoming a mama in the last few years for sure. It's printed with water based, non-toxic dyes and has such a nice modern slouchy fit (the brand owner, Nyssa, recommends sizing down one size from your usual size for a proper fit), the absolute perfect tee for these lovely spring and summer days (I have a feeling it's going to get a lot of wear this summer), and it's even cute layered with a simple cardigan to make it wearable for the fall and winter! Definitely a staple in my mama closet.

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