15 Unique Gifts For HIM | A 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

As most of us women know, men are known for being particularly difficult to shop for, from father's day to birthdays, to anniversaries to Christmas, the holiday best known for gifting. It's not the easiest feat to shop for the man in our life. They either always seem to have everything already or don't really want anything at all, my husband is a cross between both of those, but gift giving is one of my love languages and there's nothing I love more than giving him things. Especially unique items like I've rounded up for this gift guide. One of the best things about gift guides is that, for the most part, they take the guesswork out of what to get for someone, a perfect list to consult whenever you need a gift for someone.

I've spent countless hours searching for the most unique and awesome items out there and I'm so thrilled to have them all in one place for you to browse through. I know you'll find the perfect gift for your husband, dad, grandpa, uncle, boyfriend, or fiancé, whatever you have... You'll find it all right here! Something for everyone and all items that any man would love to receive!

One | Foodie Dice | Foodie Dice No. 1 - Seasonal Dinners Pouch
These are the perfect gift for anyone. The chef friend, the home cook, or that person who can just never decide what to make for dinner lol. With just one roll of the dice, you can easily have a dinner menu, plus you'll be trying lots of new healthy foods! So that's definitely a win-win in my opinion. To find out what you'll be having for dinner, simply select the 5 primary dice, add a seasonal veggie die and roll! Don't like what comes up? Simply grab them and try again! Imagine how much fun you and your family will have with these, family members could take turns rolling the dice and discovering new amazing foods together! What a perfect way to include the whole family at dinnertime. Whether you're a meat-lover, a vegetarian or vegan, the protein dice include both meat and non-meat options on each side so you can choose which best fits your lifestyle! Roll the dice and get over 186,000 possible meal combinations sure to inspire your time in the kitchen. This makes literally the best gift for that person who has "everything".

One of my most favorite gifts to get for my husband are tee shirts. Especially unique tees from small shops. Magnolia Roots is a pretty new shop but I can already tell that they are going to be one of my favorites for a long while. Both my husband and I are big outdoor enthusiasts so this "Go Outside" tee shirt was a no brainer when it came to gift choices for him. Magnolia Roots is a lifestyle brand run and owned by Lindsey. Inspired by the simple life, the same life they we love to try our best to live. All the tee's and products Magnolia Roots offers are unique, simple and make a statement. I definitely see us accumulating a few more items from her shop in the near future, goodness have you seen how cute that "Support Your Local Farmer" reusable tote bag is?! The "Go Outside" tee is made from a super soft (seriously you guys, it's sooooo soft) cotton and poly blend and all images and words are printed using a phthalate-free ink. Yay! It's offered in a variety of gorgeous colors like fern green, navy blue and brown, but the dark grey is by far my favorite. So grab this shirt for the man in your life (or for yourself) so you can always remember that fresh air is right outside your door.

I'm always on the lookout for new, healthier options to add into my husband's work lunch bag. Well, I found it you guys! The RXBar! These protein bars are no nonsense and boast some great ingredients! I chose the Chocolate Sea Salt RX Bars for him, but also wanted him to get the chance to try all of the flavors, so I chose a sampler box as well! The Sampler box features all 9 flavors of RXBar and you get 12 bars in a box! It's perfect to add variety so he doesn't get tired of eating the same flavor every single day and I also kinda love seeing all the different colors of the packages. Packed with egg whites, dates, a variety of nuts (make sure and keep them away from friends and little one with food allergies and wash your hands after eating please) and awesome flavors. Most of these flavor packed protein bars are whole30 friendly too!  RXbars contain no soy, gluten, dairy, added sugars or genetically modified ingredients, which is one of my favorite features about them, and they only use natural whole ingredients in their products! So much deliciousness! But back to the Chocolate Sea Salt RXBars. Each bar contains 3 egg whites, 6 almonds, 4 cashews, 2 dates, cacao, and sea salt! That's it! They're as tasty as they are healthy and simple! Not to mention that their boxes wrap up perfectly to put under the tree, or you can always take them out of the box and stuff your man's stocking with them!

This Exec Gift Bundle from Dollar Shave Club is a great gift for any man who shaves. It comes in a fancy gift box (well, not too fancy, it's a manly type of fancy;) with an "Executive Razor Handle" (serious, it's so nice), a set of 4 "Executive Razor Cartridges" (which boast 6, yes, I said 6 stainless steel blades), a Dr. Carver's (travel size) Shave Butter (Formulated with gentle ingredients it helps  soften hair for maximum glide and works to prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps) and a bottle of Dr. Carver's Post Shave Cream, which gives long lasting hydration to skin after shaving, plus it's safe for sensitive skin, helps improve skin texture and has a non-sticky/non-greasy formula! This all seriously sounds almost too good to be true. Don't forget to head to their website and sign up for a monthly membership! I promise you won't regret it!

"Vaya Con Dios Brah!" My husband is a HUGE Patrick Swayze fan, so of course Point Break is one of his all time favorite movies. Both he and I can pretty much recite every line in the movie (you know I could never handle a cage, man!) and we do more often than not haha. Do you know anyone who is a Swayze or Point Break fanatic? This Limited Edition Screen Printed Point Break Sweatshirt makes a great gift. It's been hand printed by the awesome artists over at Pistache using eco friendly inks and made to last. This is a Unisex sized sweatshirt made from a half cotton and half polyester fleece knit and pre-washed so no worries about shrinking after you wash and dry it, plus it holds it shape awesomely! Oh! And did I mention that this print comes in a short sleeve tee option (found here) for the warmer months? "Utah! Get me two!"

Yeah, I'm not very good at keeping gifts surprises, especially considering that I already showed this uh-may-zing watch to my husband. I literally love this watch, and guess who was more excited than me and loves it? Yep, my hubby. Though I did tell him he has to wait until Christmas to have it, ain't I mean? Lol. This watch has amazing modern and minimalist vibes to it and looks so cool, definitely the perfect addition to all of my husband's weekend outfits and I have a feeling it is going to be getting a lot of wear as soon as I give it to him. The west African zebrawood (have I ever mentioned just how much I love zebrawood?) dial is so unique in the fact that it has varying light and dark striations, and the watch hands and hour markings were designed to be dark (not only for contrast but also to match the case!). The watch is finished with a Black Nappa calf skin leather strap. Just like my husband, each watch is unique and no two are alike. Pretty awesome huh? Every man should have a nice watch and I'm pretty sure that this is the perfect one. Ladies, your husband already requested this watch for Christmas, so go order it like yesterday already. Lol.

I don't know many people, especially men, who don't like, no, LOVE cheese. I love cheese, my husband loves cheese and I know you love cheese. SO what better gift for the cheese-lover in all of us than a cheese making kit! Yesses! High-fives all around. Okay, I need to settle down over here lol, I may be a little too excited that my husband will be making Queso Blanco cheese after Christmas. With cheese making kit you can make 30 batches (that's more than 40 lbs.) of cheese! You'll make Goat Cheese, Paneer, Mozzarella, Ricotta and Queso Blanco. I, oops, I meant my husband, will be one happy cheese-lover on Christmas morning. And did I mention that batches of cheese take only ONE HOUR from start to finish (meaning ready to eat lol). This is pretty much the coolest hands-on gift ever and your man will be tickled pink to find this under the tree come gift opening time.

Eight | Mission Belt Co. | Vader Belt
It seems my husband's belts are always cracking and breaking after a few months, they just never seem to hold up and I think that it's partly due to the fact that they have holes in them which weaken them ya know? Well with this "Vader" belt from the Mission Belt Company, you don't even have to worry about that. Not only do they not have holes in their belts, but Mission Belts are micro-adjustable. Every quarter inch gives you a perfect fit every time (unlike traditional belts with holes that are only adjustable every one inch).  So even though the Holidays are approaching, you don't have to worry about your belt being too tight, and then don't have to worry about it being too loose in January when everyone starts getting fit, your Mission Belt will always fit you just perfect. But what's behind the name and behind the brand over at Mission Belt Co.? A mission. A mission to help feed the hungry and for your purchase to go further and have a bigger impact than an average purchase. By purchasing a belt from Mission Belt Co, you can not only look good, but feel good too. $1 from every single purchase goes to fight hunger and poverty all across the world through micro-lending! Over time and to date, Mission Belt Co. along with their customers and partners have made over 44,000 unique loans that range from $25 to $500 each. There are millions of industrious, motivated people striving for a better life and sometimes the only thing holding them back is a little cash to get started. It’s a hand up, not a hand out. One of the brand's favorite quotes are "Give a man a fish and you feed him for the day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." A lot of people know how to fish; they just can’t afford the nets, so Mission Belt Co. not only makes some of the best pants-holder-uppers around, but also offers a hand to those who need it!

Nine | The Silver Loft | "You're The Best" Personalized Silver Spoon
Every single morning, my husband starts his day off with a hot mug of coffee, and this personalized "you're the best" silver spoon from The Silver Loft is the perfect addition to his early morning  coffee routine. Every day, even if I'm not awake yet, with his "best hubby ever" spoon, he has a reminder that I think he is the absolute best husband in the world and that I love him. These spoons are perfect because you can personalize them for anyone you think is the best! Perfect for that best mom, best sister, best brother, best dad, best husband, best wife, best friend, best cousin, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, cousin, boyfriend, girlfriend, coach, co-worker, boss, teacher, teammate... the list goes on. This gift is perfect for literally everyone!

Ten | Papa Bear Box | Papa Bear Subscription Box
This subscription is the funnest and one of the coolest gifts around for Dads! A box that arrives every month just for Dads, always filled with the essentials chosen by a group of Dads... like snacks to keep Dad awake, grooming items to keep dad smelling fresh and looking his best, baby products that are popular with Dads, and always an accessory just for Dad. Function and fun all built into one cool little box, arriving at your doorstep (or mailbox) every single month. Each box is packaged and shipped off to Dad's door between the 20-25th of every month, filled with 4 to 6 artisan products for Dad (and cub) and you can choose your subscription based on if you'd prefer a month to month membership, a 6 months membership or even sign up for a 1 year membership! The perfect gift to remind new Dads that they aren't alone in the woods. The forest of fatherhood is filled with many Dads just like himself!

Eleven | The Mason Bar Company | 32 oz Mason Jar Tumbler with MBC Black Wide Mouth Lid
I've been wanting to get my hubby a mason jar tumbler for awhile now, the 32 oz. wide mouth mason jar with the Black Mason Bar Company Lid is the perfect gift for every man you have on your "to-buy-for" Christmas list this year. Great for hubby (or fiancé/boyfriend if you're not married), awesome for Dad and even great for Grandpa! They'll all appreciate the simplicity of this gift and how an old fashioned item has been  modernized to become so functional and useful. The perfect tumbler! My hubby especially loves homemade freshly squeezed lemonade in his! This is a gift that will be used time and time again, I should know, I've used the living day lights out of the one my husband purchased for me for Christmas a few years ago. Can't wait to give him this on Christmas morning, I'm sure he'll already have it in use by the end of the day!

Twelve | Nokk Valley | Papa Bear Mug
I already shared a little about the "Mama Bear" mug from Nokk Valley over in my 2016 Women's Holiday Gift Guide, but I am so excited to tell you a little about the matching Papa Bear enamel mug! First off, one of the coolest things ever is that the mug itself is made in a factory in Poland that has produced enamelware mugs for over 100 years (since 1907 you guys!! and is the most famous factory known for making enamel tableware). One of my favorite things about these mugs is that the designs are created AND hand painted by the incredibly talented Nokk Valley team. I mean, I thought they were awesome mugs before I knew that they were hand painted, but now I think they're even cooler! This mug is great for any Dad, with the black enamel on the outside and a white rim ,white inside and white hand painted design, this rugged mug is perfect for camping, traveling on all your many adventures or just taking a beating with every day use. I know my hubby is going to love using this and adding it to his every day morning coffee routine.

Thirteen | PropWood | Cassis - Amazaque Wooden Sunglasses
Who doesn't love quality made sunglasses? These are some pretty sweet ones if I say so myself, and the fact that they are hand made makes them even better! These are such a timeless wayfarer style sunglasses and are made from a Amazaque wood finish veneer. And They boast a High grade polarized lenses with a Full 100% UVA/UVB protection! The classic shape of these sunglasses is flattering to any face shape and everyone on your gift list will love receiving these as a gift, man or woman. My husband loves wearing them (well, he tried them on, he doesn't technically get them until Christmas haha) and with the great quality that they are, I have a feeling they are going to last him for years to come.

Fourteen | Wax & Wool | Gentlemen's Reserve "Tobacco" Candle
So I kind of have this thing for giving my husband candles, it's really a win-win situation since both my husband and I love candles, so I buy them for him and he buys them for me too. This one from Wax & Wool I'm particularly super excited to give to him this year, it's such a masculine smell, straight from the Gentlemen's Reserve collection over at Wax & Wool, it reminds me of a warm crackling fire and being curled up with a good book on a cold winter's evening, maybe even reading a Sherlock Holmes mystery (seriously, all the Sherlock books are so good, such classics. If you haven't read them yet, go do it now). These candles from over at Wax & Wool are small batch candles, hand poured right in the Pacific Northwest of the good ole USA and made from 100% soy wax! I also simply adore the reusable amber colored jar that these candles come in. So unique without being too flashy. Literal perfection.

Fifteen | Case Coffee Roasters| Epiphany House Roast
If there's something my husband loves, it's a good cup of coffee to start his day every morning. And it's becoming one of my favorite things to gift to him on special occasions. Something that not only brightens his day when he receives it as a gift, but that will keep on brightening his day for weeks to come, every morning he'll drink his cup of joe and remember how much I love him. This Christmas, I chose the Epiphany House Blend from over at Case Coffee Roasters and by the aroma of it that drifts out of the bag, it's not gonna disappoint. The Epiphany House blend is known as a seasonally changing blend. Case Coffee Roasters sources crops directly from the origins where it was grown, and they select specific components that create a rich, chocolatey, creamy cup of coffee. They tailor this roast in particular to be versatile so it's delicious as a regular coffee, as an espresso, or with milk/creamer or just as a black cup of coffee. Case Coffee Roasters are a small batch kind of company (love this!) and they've searched the world to find the most unique coffee flavors, with a focus on Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia and Guatemala (where this coffee roast is from). Can't wait to try this out and I'll be posting an update on how my husband likes it after Christmas!

Happy Shopping, Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!