15 Perfect Gifts For HER | A 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

As we all know, Christmas shopping is one of the most fun things to do, most women love giving gifts but they also love receiving gifts too, and that's where a gift guide comes in handy. Most men need a little help in the gifting department, so this is the perfect solution, a gift guide filled with a ton of beautiful things that any woman (especially myself) would love that you can accidently leave up on the computer, or not so slyly send him a direct link if he needs ideas of what to get for you. The perfect solution, no?

I've spent hours pouring through websites, shops, products and countless items, to bring you ladies a carefully curated gift guide filled with such lovely and unique items. There's something for everyone here. Men, these are the perfect gifts for the wife, the mom, the grandma, the aunt, and Ladies, even the perfect gift for you to give to your best friend or even yourself lol. Read all about them below!

Pajamas, lounge pants, or fabulous printed pants? Hmm... If you guess all three then you guess right! These Punjammies pants are made to be lounge/pajama pants, but so many women also pair them with a solid colored top and a statement necklace to make a beautiful and unique day outfit! They're buttery soft, so comfortable and the perfect fit. Plus I feel that we can all agree that they're beautiful! The Lelitha print features silvery antique swirls that go across the sweetest grey fabric and are trimmed with a simple Banarasi border of shimmery silver. They're even more beautiful in person than they are in photograph. But what makes these Punjammies even more beautiful than their outward appearance? The back story to them. All Punjammies are made by women in India who are working to remain free of sex slavery! Every piece you purchase helps give a home to women who have escaped trafficking . So every time you buy Punjammies you are directly creating hope, investing in the freedom, dignity and lives of women and girls who are working to give themselves and their children a home and a good and safe life! If that isn't a good reason to purchase something, I don't know what is. I love when we can do good with our purchases and when our purchases have a deeper impact.

Two | Six Sisters Beadworks | Shalom Vertical Bar Necklace
One thing I've become such a fan of in the past few years is personalized jewelry. There's nothing sweeter than jewelry bearing the names or initials of my husband and I, my daughter Bella, or my stepdaughter's Kristi & Tiffani. Jewelry with dates special to me, jewelry with special birth stones. I really could go on all day, because they're some of the best gifts, the ones that thought and sentimentality went into and the ones that will be treasured forever and worn often. That's how it is with this beautiful rose gold "shalom vertical bar necklace". I love it! Not only because it's pretty (I do love rose gold, and it also comes in regular gold which is just as beautiful), but because one bar bears the initials of my husband and I (kind of like a modern and earth friendly version of carving loved ones initials into a tree) with the "F + A", but how sweet is that little heart on the second bar? I feel like I'll be wearing this all the time, not only for special occasions such as our anniversary and our birthdays, but several days a week. The possibilities with this necklace are so endless because it is so customizable down to the last detail!

This basket from Mur Lifestyle is simply the best. I've been in need of a large woven basket for awhile now and this one definitely fits the bill. It's beautiful, sturdy and has the prettiest leather handles, two sets of handles to be exact! You can carry it on your shoulder or by hand, and it's great for anything! Seriously, it can hold light loads so it's perfectly for sitting in the corner to put some throw pillows and a cozy blanket in. It also holds some pretty heavy loads. I took it to the farmer's market and put alllll the pumpkins in it this past autumn and it carried them with no issues at all! It also doubles as a great camera bag for my photographer friends out there! It's hand woven in using dried palm leaves and finished with genuine leather handles. Oh, don't forget that it makes for some really stinking cute instagram photos. All the heart eye emojis.

This poster has been on my wish-list for literally three years, sometimes I forget when things are in season and get annoyed that I can't find them in the grocery store, but with this item hanging in my home, I have a guide for knowing when all of the different produces are in season and will be available! It's the prettiest bit of art, very unique and the perfect addition to any kitchen or dining room in your home. It comes as just a poster, or you can also purchase with some beautiful frames! That reclaimed wood frame is a beauty for sure. Foil-pressed on a 13 x 19 kitchen poster made of  natural recycled chipboard with three different foil colors: clear, white and gold. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is going to be wanting to know where you got this poster from and where they can get one for themselves.

Who couldn't just love this cake stand? It's become one of my favorite "kitchen things" and while it's also great for it's original intended use, as a cake stand, it's also great for so many other things as well! A pie pedestal for sitting pies on top of, a photography prop, home decor and as a table centerpiece, and I'm sure there are still uses for it that I haven't even found yet! Made from metal, enamel and graniteware and finished with an array of colors to choose from, these cake stands are some of the prettiest I've seen in awhile. They're so durable, dishwasher safe and made in the USA! They also come in sizes 10 inches across though 12 inches across to cater to every cake size you might need.  Goodness can you imagine how beautiful a wedding cake would be on the largest size? Or a little smash cake on the smallest size? Someone get married and have a baby asap, you need alllll of these! Seriously though, aren't they so pretty?! I chose the 14 inch one with a white and black rimmed top and a jadite with black speckle finished bottom and goodness is it a beauty. It's also the perfect addition to my kitchen and dining room! I love it! They also sell a matching pie plate (here) that you simply must get to match your cake stand!

Omg ladies! These smell literally like heaven! Lavender is one of the best scents on earth as far I'm concerned, and then there's the added plus that it helps calm you and relax you as well as soothes sore muscles and also helps you sleep better. I'll definitely be using this a ton for nighttime baths after I put my little one to sleep. Grapefruit! Definitely can't forget that one! Grapefruit is another one of my most favorite scents, and this Pink Grapefruit Himalayan Salt Bath Salt is really such a lovely, lovely scent. Himalayan Salt is one of the purest salts on earth and contains over 80 minerals and earth elements and they're also known to be great for body relaxation, helping with blood circulation, soothing sore muscles and removing toxins from the body. So many good things about both of these two bath salts (not just the amazing smell that both of them have) that I could literally go on all day long about them. I'll give you all an update on them after Christmas letting you know how much I love them!

This reusable wooden pie carrier might just be one of the coolest things ever invented. And just look at how adorable it is will you?! I just can't get enough of it. Ever been to a family get together or a potluck and who ever realized how (not easy) it was to transport pies without damaging them? With Piebox, you don't have to worry about that anymore. No sir-ree, no pie worries over here anymore. Driving, taking the bus, a taxi (do they even have those anymore?), saving the planet by biking or just plain old fashioned walking and this Piebox will keep your precious pie baby safe and unharmed (nobody likes a bashed in crust lol). It accommodates most 9" pie plates and is handcrafted right here in the good ole US of A! And to make it even easier to carry your Piebox, Piebox created a vegetable tanned leather strap for even easier pie transportation! Plus in my humble opinion, it just elevates the cuteness factor of the Piebox. Go buy one now. And if you don't want one for yourself, then get one for your mama or granny. You'll be the new favorite child or grandchild, I guarantee it. Lol.

Eight | Tmbr. | "The Helm" Cherry Wood & Rose Gold Watch
Who doesn't love a good watch? This watch from Tmbr. looks so pretty and feminine that I don't want to take it off! It goes so beautifully with all of my outfits and I have a feeling it is going to become a wardrobe staple. I'm all about minimal (especially when it comes to design) and this watches minimal design makes it so that, this watch is perfect for me, not to mention that it's so easy to pair with both casual and fancier attire. The glass on the face of the watch is made from hardened, scratch proof mineral glass. A feature I'm sure that will come in handy more than a few times, not only because I have an active toddler, but I'll let you in on a little secret: I'm actually super clumsy in real life lol. The brown leather strap is made from 100% genuine leather and is so super soft, not to mention that the color is gorgeous! Ladies this watch is so good and you need this in your jewelry box (and on your wrist) trust me.

Nine | The Silver Loft | XXL Initial Tassel Keychain & "You're The Best" Spoon
I've been in need of a cute keychain for a long time, they always either seem to be cheaply made or not cute, am I right? But this one is both quality made AND adorable! So win-win for sure. I'm obsessed with stripes, I always seem to gravitate towards stripes and black and white and gold, so I love that this keychain includes all of those loves. And no one can mistake it for theirs (unless their name starts with "A" lol) since it's personalized with my first initial! My keys are going to be so stylish now! And we can't forget this adorable "You're The Best" spoon that can be personalized a million and one different ways! This "Best Wifey Ever" spoon is sure to become one of my favorites, I can already see it becoming my go-to gelato and ice cream spoon.

Ten | Mason Bar Company | 24 oz. Mason Jar Tumbler with Mason Bar Company Clear Wide Mouth Lid and Mason Bar Company Black Leather Cuff
A few years ago my husband purchased my first Mason Bar Company tumbler for me  as a Christmas gift, and I've been a big fan of this company ever since. It's seriously the perfect gift, and it's something I still use on a daily basis (literally) so it was even better to get another one. My first one had a mint colored MBC lid, and this one is clear! I'm loving the neutrality of it and that it matches with everything! And don't even get me started on how adorable that black leather tumbler cuff is! This is such a practical, yet fun gift and I recommend it for everyone who is on your gift list this year for sure! Don't forget to grab a straw and metal band to go with it, there are several straw colors to choose from, I love how festive this red one looks, perfect for autumn, Christmas or great paired with a blue MBC lid for summer! I'm also loving the glass straws Bobbie (the owner of MBC) offers in the add on section of the shop.

Eleven | Fawn Design | Fawn Design Black Diaper Bag
Talk about a diaper bag that has it all. this one is it! The inside is filled with SO MANY pockets and compartments (seriously so many with a total of 9 pockets. 4 inside and 5 outside), perfect for storing anything you need for your little one(s) and even yourself, you will literally never run out of room with this bag from Fawn Design. Though I chose the black design (black is just so timeless, classic and transitional) Fawn Design also offers a selection of other beautiful colors as well, like Blush (the prettiest shade of pink), Gray, Brown (love this more natural leather look), and Plum! Don't forget that they also offer limited edition bags at certain times of the year (this autumn's was olive and it was so pretty). I'm loving how durable this bag feels, made from a beautiful and sturdy faux leather and accessorized with the most beautiful gold zippers, hardware and company named "Fawn Design" embossed in gold right underneath the zipper of the front pocket zipper. It can be worn as a backpack (which is amazing since most mom's have very little hands to spare) or worn as a messenger bag and is stylish enough for mom to take out for date night! And did I mention that the inside is completely removable to make for easier cleaning?! Everyone is going to be asking where they can get a bag just like yours! Dads, listen up, this is pretty much the best gift you can get a new mom this Christmas!

Twelve | Nokk Valley | Mama Bear Mug
Okay, so if I'm completely honest, I'm not a big coffee drinker... But, that being said, there's nothing I love more than a good ole mug of hot cocoa, or brown gravy. Yep, I'm a gravy aficionado for sure, and I also love eating soups out of mugs as well. And this beauty of a mug is perfect for all those things that I love! And since it also says "Mama Bear" it's the perfect mug for me! This beautiful mug is white with a black rim (and also white inside) and is designed and hand painted (you guys I LOVE this about them) by the talented team over at the Nokk Valley shop. I guarantee that this will be your new favorite mug. Don't forget to purchase the matching "Papa Bear" mug in black for Dad!

Thirteen | Par La Grace | "As for Me and My House" Scripture Sign
This (Joshua 24:15) has always been one of my most favorite scriptures, and even more so now that I am a mama with a home and raising a little family of my own (with my husband). And if you know me at all, you know just how much I love the show Fixer Upper and Joanna's farmhouse style, which this sign from over at Par La Grace perfectly fits into. It's a high quality hand made piece that will hang for years in your home and still look new. Not only is it beautiful and does it make a statement, but will be the perfect piece to pass down to children or grandchildren years down the road from now. This distressed cream sign has black lettering and such a pretty stained wood frame, and since they're hand made, each piece will be slightly different and unique! I mean, just look how pretty it is!

Fourteen | Jijamas | "Soul Mate" Jijamas in Pearl Grey
There's nothing better than cozy new pajamas. I feel like most women can agree on that. On a cold winter day, rainy days and snow days, we can slip into our coziest pair of luxury pajamas, or Jijamas rather and stay toasty and warm. All while looking oh so stylish! They fit so perfectly and are so flattering (because let's be honest, most of us women want to look good even while we're sleeping). I chose the "Soul Mate" in Pearl  Grey Jijamas and it was seriously the best choice ever. They're made with only the softest 100% high-end Pima cotton and are something I want to wear constantly. Tall ladies listen up, you know how it's always hard to find cozy loungewear that fits? I know that all to well since I am a little on the tall side at 5'7", well these Jijamas are also offered in a "tall" option for ladies who are 5'6" and over! Yay! The sleek striped pants fit just perfectly so, and the long sleeved top is so smooth and cozy (not to mention the perfect neck size). Every woman should own a pair of Jijamas in my opinion and they make the best gifts for any lady: wife, girlfriend, fiancé, mom, grandma, aunt, friend, literally every woman! Don't forget to check all the other super cute styles they offer (one of my other favorites is the "Shooting Star" Jijamas in black, trust me, just go look at them, I know you'll love them too). Cozy days in call for Jijamas for sure.

Fifteen | Wax & Wool | "Christmas Market" Candle
If there is a scent that embodies Christmas, this candle is it. The smell is a traditional blend of scents such as Christmas spices, a pinch of orange zest, a hint of wood smoke in a crisp air and evergreen trees. Such a sweet smell that reminds me of my childhood Christmases growing up on a farm in rural Missouri. The smells of my mama baking her heart out in the kitchen as she always does every Christmas, using her old fashioned wood cook stove and the smell of fresh cut firewood that my daddy chopped. Smelling this candle is like a walk down memory lane, a window into my childhood. Ahhh, I can already tell that this candle is going to be a favorite of mine this year and I think I may just have to get another before she sells them out. Besides the fact that this candle smells so amazing, one of my other favorite things about it is that they're safer to burn that most candles! Made from 100% soy wax, essential oils and phthalate and paraffin free premium scents, these candles boast an extremely clean burn, and have an estimated burn time of 50 hours! Yay!

Happy Shopping, Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

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