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Ahhh, Breathe in that smell, it's the smell of the end of summer, which also means it's Back-To-School time as well! Now I know we can all agree that summer is such a fun time, but then there's autumn, and the start of back-to-school signals. The return of crisp fall air, crunchy golden leaves, apple picking, pumpkin carving, sweaters and all things maple and pumpkin spice. But I'm getting ahead of myself here. Because before we can enjoy all of those things we have to send the kiddos back off to school.
There is so, so much prep and work involved in the hustle and bustle of getting your child ready for their first day back to the classroom and then adjusting to school life schedules and routines again after a summer of freedom.
But when it comes to Back-To-School, there is really a one-stop-and-shop place that I seem to end up at far too often (at least 3 to 5 times a week)... Yep, if you read my post about our favorite summer foods a few months back then you'll know where I'm talking about. Giant Eagle! You might have even seen a post on Giant Eagle's Instagram (@gianteagle) about my summer grilling creation not too long ago, now if that doesn't get some "cool points" in this age of technology then I don't know what does. Lol. (hint: they post some pretty cool stuff and some of the most amazing food photos, if you're into that kind of thing. I even spied a giveaway the other day, so you should totally follow them). ;)

Giant Eagle is the headquarters for all your back-to-school needs, from pens and paper, notebooks and crayons, sticky notes and erasers, Giant Eagle has it all. They make back-to-school simple! Especially when it comes to food! I mean kids need to eat before school, in school and after school so why not buy everything in one trip to Giant Eagle?! NO matter what the age of your child, their dietary restrictions such as food allergies or if they're just plain picky, they have everything under the sun to satisfy the appetite and palate of your kiddo.

Talking about palates, let's talk about one of my favorite childhoods foods. And yeah, I still love it. Think of it as an "elevated grilled cheese" (read that in a Gordon Ramsey voice please). We're talking honey roasted turkey, real butter, whole wheat bread, Swiss cheese, and apricot fruit spread. Yep, you heard that right. Apricot fruit spread. It may sound a little strange, but it's something I picked up years ago, in my school years actually. I used to hang out with my brother at the college he went to in my spare time and there was this amazing little café there that made these things, I literally could never get enough of them. So one day I decided to try making them on my own and not only did they turn out delicious, but they were also surprisingly easy to make! When I mention apricot preserves, everyone always gets a little apprehensive, but then they try it. And they LOVE it! I've yet to meet someone who didn't love these sandwiches, and I know your kiddos will love them too (c'mon Mom, I know you're gonna try them too, you're just too curious now). ;)
1 stick real unsalted butter
1 loaf Schwebels Bread
Giant Eagle Swiss Cheese (deli sliced)
Giant Eagle honey roasted sliced deli turkey
Smuckers apricot fruit spread

If you've ever made a grilled cheese (some people call them toasted cheese) sandwich, then you know how to make these! Pre-heat your skillet or pan, take a piece of Schwebels Bread and cover one side with butter, and the other side very lightly with Smuckers apricot fruit spread. Add a slice of Swiss cheese and then a folded slice of honey roasted sliced deli turkey, now add another half slice of Swiss cheese right in the middle. Add another slice of Schwebels Bread that's covered in butter on one side and lightly with Smuckers apricot fruit spread on the other. Cook and flip until both sides are golden and starting to brown around the edges. Throw into their lunchbox (or onto their plate). Oh! Don't forget to make one for yourself too, they (and you) will love them!
Okay, so everyone needs something sweet, right? So maybe your kiddo made good grades or had good behavior in school, sometime they deserve a treat. That's where the Giant Eagle Snack Packs chocolate pudding comes into play. Oh! And Oreos. And before I forget, whipped cream too! A super simple, and super delicious chocolate cream Oreo trifle! Trifles are really the easiest dessert to make in the history of the universe, if anyone ever tells you they spent hours on making a gorgeous trifle, don't believe them lol. What you need for this recipe is:

chocolate pudding Snack Packs
Oreos or Oreo Multipacks (the multipacks are our favorite since they're so portable)
whipped cream

In a container (or if their lunchbox has a space for it already) toss in a couple crushed Oreos. Next, layer one of the chocolate pudding Snack Packs, then a layer of whipped cream. Top with more crushed Oreos and voila! You're finished! See, I told you it was easy!

Alright, alright... Before you get all riled up, here's something green. Lol. I mean, the kid does have to drink after all. That's why you grab a super delicious Bolthouse Farms Juice. our personal favorite has always been "Green Goodness" (I mean, have you even tried that stuff?). It's so delicious and 100% real fruit juice too! No sugar added and 3 3/4 servings of fruit per bottle. Yes, my 2 year old actually drinks this so I call it a win. She loves broccoli so dearly and will eat it all day everyday, but getting her to eat other things that are green is a little bit of a challenge at times, but she'll drink this allll! This particular flavor contains apples, pineapples, mangos, bananas, kiwi, spinach, broccoli (maybe that's why she likes it haha), wheatgrass and even garlic (but I promise you if I can't taste it then neither can you). It's got so much good and healthy stuff in it!
Don't forget to send some napkins for your son or daughter to clean themselves up with after lunch, the Giant Eagle napkins are perfect for this! So convenient!
Head to Giant Eagle (your favorite place for back to school), stock up on all the essentials your kid loves, make their favorite foods and try these out as well. Throw it all in an eco friendly lunchbox in their backpack and they're set! Off to fill their minds with knowledge and make the world a better place for all the future generations! Thanks Giant Eagle!

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  1. I'm not going to lie, your post made me hungry! What a delicious idea on a grilled cheese!!! #client