5 Reasons To Love FabKids

Shopping for clothes with a picky two-nager is sometimes something of a challenge. I'll pick something up and ask "Do you like this?" and my query will be met with a "Nah." or "Nope.", once I get got a "Put it down!". Um, okay kiddo.
But with FabKids shopping for my little is a breeze! Seriously so easy! Like, we don't even have to get out of our pajamas kind of easy lol. I like that kind of shopping lol.
We were sent this adorable little sleeveless drop waist high low dress. White with black polka dots, I mean, can we say adorable or what. Teal leggings to go underneath and our new favorite shoes, these gold glitter slip on sneakers that she never wants to take off. And I don't blame her, I want , no, NEED them in my size too!
She gets so many compliments on the entire outfit and shoes every time we go anywhere, everyone wants to know where it's from, I say "from FabKids of course". The outfit is very well made, so stylish, priced great and perfect for my daughter.

Why do we love FabKids? Here are 5 reasons...
The trends are always changing it seems, so fast sometimes it's hard to know what is even in style anymore, with FabKids you don't have to even think about that since they carry only the most popular styles, so when you can't figure out what to purchase for your super picky 10 year old niece for her birthday, FabKids is the way to go. Seriously, I can promise you she'll thank you. Lol.
Whether you need to dress you kiddo up for a nice occasion or they just need an outfit for a day of play, may they need new school clothes or you're going to Disney, FabKids has you covered.
Yep, I was actually a little surprised at how well made and durable the outfit and shoes we received were. Definitely worth every penny and she'll get a lot of wear out of them.
As a mom I know this is the big kicker here, we all need affordable clothing because clothing is one of those things that can get expensive in a hurry. Be sure to sign up to be a VIP because you get up to 50% off on the regular ya'll!
When you make your first purchase through FabKids.com you can choose to either be a VIP, or not. As a VIP you'll get a personalized email sent to your inbox every month with outfits to pick and choose from. You can then choose an outfit from there and have it send to you OR you can choose to skip a month! As a VIP you'll also earn points with every purchase to redeem towards new outfits! If funds are running low or you're not ready to make a purchase, you can skip as many months as you'd like. Simply log into your account and 'Skip The Month' by the 5th and your credit card will not be charged. You can always cancel at any time as well. Easy as pie. Plus, can we say free shipping?
You'll save even more on your first purchase too! Head over to check them out, you'll love how easy and convenient it is to shop for your child with FabKids!


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