2014 Christmas Tree Tour + Other Decor

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of year, and something I dearly love... I could literally live in Who-Ville, or even at the North Pole (that is, If it weren't so cold lol, burr)...
This year we were planning on  going with a flocked tree with white and red ornaments (a peppermint theme), but after not being able to find a tree we liked (that fit into our budget) we were stumped, and even more stumped once we found a tree we "kinda" liked, only to find out that they were completely out of stock.
So we decided to do something completely different...
We went with a white tree with multi colored lights, and a very "girly" theme... Owls, tiaras, polka dots and glitter, cupcakes and a few other random cute ornaments and sentimental ornaments that we already had.
I didn't know about it at first but now I really love it! It came together really nicely and looks amazing (especially for a $40 tree!).
So below you will find something I haven't seen before, a "tree tour" of sorts and pictures of a few of our other house decor... Hope you enjoy!
Merry Christmas!




  1. Oh, my goodness! I love your tree. And that giant snoopy!!! Where did you find that?

    1. Awe Thank you! I bought the Snoopy at Sears a couple years back! Was regularly around $40 I think and I was able to get it for $17 during the end of season sale a few days after Christmas. :)